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Il n'a pas fallu attendre un long moment, une grosse allemande s'approche de moi et une vitre s'ouvre. Il me jette un bandeau et m'ordonne de le passer sur mes yeux. Tout au plus je pouvais sentir les virages. Il pose sa main avec power sur ma cuisse.

Ce type est un sadique! Je peux sentir que la voiture ralenti, roule quasiment au pas. Je l'entends, il sort de sa voiture, s'approche de moi. Je peux sentir mister souffle contre ma nuque. Ce salaud prenait mister pied. Il malaxait mon sein, prenant le teton entre mister pouce et mister index. Son pouce tournait doucement autour de mon clitoris.

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Je jouais avec le bout de ma langue, nettoyant mister gland, ce qui semblait lui faire plaisir. Smith had it in for him. He knew earlier in the seamister there was some problems and he had almost been taken off the team; until his parents had a talk with them.

Timmy did not realize his lady had had to fuck both men while his humiliated man was powerd to watch. He did not realize his lady was now their sex slave and had a ring through her left nipple to remind her and her husband of it, or that the two men had plans for his girlfriend, Cindy.

The coach knew Timmy had talent, but had held him back from playing in some key games. This started when the coach and Mr. She was nerdy in a sexy way, glasses, hair in a bun.

But she also had a pretty, innocent face, nice firm, taunt tits that seemed to defy gravity, a long narrow waist and a tight fuckable butt. The two men determined to see if the mister, like the man was a potential cuckold.

Oh they were going to turn her out, but slowly, ever so slowly. His family is one. Earlier this seamister his parent almost cost him his spot on the team by cursing and using racist language. Then the man almost hit me and the coach here. Suppose when he makes the big leagues, which with his talents I think he could, suppose he starts with that racist crap, or assaults somebody.

I think it is best to rein him back a bit. You two seem very tight. Going to get married? Man the life you two would lead, houses, travel, fame, all yours. Of course could we trust you?

Smith will think about it and will give you our decision later this week, you can stop by my house this Friday. Cindy could not help but notice the huge bulge both men were sporting. These men could ruin it for him, she knew that. Trembling the young woman approached the coach and gave him a quick peck on the cheek. He put his arms around her slender waist.

He moved his face forward as he drank in her scent, a soft all too flowery perfume like the young girls like to wear. She moved back her face slightly but he just moved his forward, then kissed her young lips as he pulled her tight to himself.

She could feel his manhood pressing against her stomach as he kissed her and she could not help but notice how big and solid it felt. The coach let her go and she turned to leave and walked right into Mr. He kissed her on her mouth as his hands gripped her young, tight little butt. He let her pull away slightly then he pulled her back giving her another kiss, this time deeper and slower. Laughing the men let her leave. She almost walked into a wall on the way out.

I was gong to start him anyway, but why not take a little bonus? We are going to go slow on this one, not too slow, but slow enough. Then we are going to bust that little cherry of hers but good. Cindy was pleased when she found out that Timmy was going to start in the next game, it almost made it worth those kisses and the guilty over them which she had endured. Yet, sometimes she thought about whether they really would have taken advantage of her, she sometimes got those thoughts and shook her head violently to clear them.

Why was she on this block? The coach answered and led her in. Just as we said he would. I think we are learning to trust him and you. You can give me another one of those sweet little kisses but I want you to do something. Sit down here on the couch. As a sign of our growing relationship. Delicately she reached over and put her hand down on his crotch. He gently put his hand over hers and pressed it down.

Then the coach leaned forward and kissed her gently, as his hand reached forward and squeezed one of her ripe young boobs. She walked out the door in a daze. What was she doing she wondered.

But she also thought of how big it felt. Timmy played in the game and even was talked to by one of the college scouts. Things were going great. But she also thought about the coach and Smith, she tried not to but every now and then it got the better of her. In the shower or someplace else she would think of the two men dominating her, of using her.

Oh wait I bet you want to know what was gong on? Does his man know? What do you mean? The two men outweighed her several times over, and they were black.

Part of her wanted to run, but she could not. We can make sure he can go far. She could see his underwear straining from the meat it was trying to hold in. His cock was huge, like in her dreams, Smith opened his zipper also.

She knew she could run out of the room, and part of her wanted to, but part of her wanted to stay. They pulled their underwear down and their huge cocks flopped out, they were bigger far bigger than she could have ever dreamed of. She felt so small standing next to the two men. The coach went over to her and grabbed her wrist guiding it to his cock, the back of her hand brushed it, then the coach whispered for her to put her hand around it, his hot breath in her ear.

Stroke it up and down! She watched her hand yank his fat slab of meat up then down and to her shock it grew even bigger. The coach pulled her close kissing her, his cock pressed against her belly, they pulled apart and she continued to rub his cock. Then Smith came forward and she took his cock and started to rub it. He reached out and grabbed one of her tits and gave it a squeeze. The coach pulled her tee shirt over her head as she pumped them, standing in her bra she felt vulnerable and the two men did not help matters.

Bet you thought about this for a long time. They had her spit in each of her palms. What are you going to do? If you want some of the details I will tell you. We are going to all strip naked. Then I have this dog collar I am going to put around your neck and a leash. We are going to lead you into that bedroom over there and fuck your little white pussy all weekend. Pick up the brand that is for extra large men. Or we could ride you bareback. Cindy sat on his naked cock, she could feel it press against her ass and pussy through the fabric of her jeans.

Now bounce up and down on it a few times honey. The men made her say how much she liked to pull on their cocks. Smith came first his load splattering her tits and little white bra. Then the coach came hitting her neck, with some of it arcing over her shoulder and hitting her back. The men had her pump their cocks for a full minute more to squeeze out every last drop out, then they got dressed.

She put it on feeling it stick to her skin. She wiped her neck off the best she could before the men literally tossed her out the door. She knew it was wrong, she felt ashamed at looking Timmy in the eye. Then there were the dreams, late at night in her bed she thought of both of the men fucking her, and fucking her hard. She fingered her tight little snatch thinking of them ramming her in it and her asshole.

The nastier and more forbidden her thoughts were, the more it turned her on. She thought of being made pregnant by them and kissing them in front of the other students who would all know who had gotten her that way. But then in the morning she would feel guilty again.

She almost backed out of it when something happened during the week. The past week Maria, the slut cheerleader had all of a sudden discovered Timmy and she was out the picture. Just as she was about to leave the door crack open and the coach told her to come in. When she entered she found the two men naked. She could not believe she was in a room with them. The coach came up to her and kissed her deeply, his tongue going into her tiny mouth, then he reached down and pulled her shirt up and off, Smith unsnapped her crisp little white bra, then he lifted her up and the coach took off her shoes and socks.

She told the guys to slow down as her pants were undone. She stepped out of them totally naked, except for her panties and glasses.

Never nicer or tighter than this. He reached down and rubbed her pussy through her panties with his dark fingers. She wanted to jump back but the coach was behind her, Smith put his fingers to his mouth and told her it did not get sweeter than this.

Then he put his hand back on her cunt and rubbed her pussy as the coach squeezed her tits, he rubbed faster and faster until she came.

She knew she had no will of her own now, she was a slave to their passions. They took her over to the couch and made out with her, sucking her tits long and hard, she had not known she could cum by somebody sucking her nipples, but now she did. She sat on their laps and she could feel their cocks press against her pussy through the material of her panties. Their bodies were so hard for older guys she thought. The coach stepped away and came back holding a leather collar.

Her fear only heightened her arousal as to what would happen next. The coach affixed a leash to the collar and had her sit back down on the couch. She felt his hand slap her ass hard enough to sting. She crawled into the bedroom on her hands and knees. Once in the bedroom she was made to kneel at the foot of the bed. In front of her were the coach and Smith and in front of them was a mirror.

She could not believe the sight of herself between these two black men, each one at least twice her hundred and two pounds. They dangled their dicks in front of her face. She reached out to grab one and, Smack! Went the other one across her face. There was no going back for her now as her lips kissed his massively dense cock tip.

He smiled down at her beaming as Smith focused and took another picture of her ruination. Then she opened her mouth and he guided his shaft into her face. Her jaws stretched wide to take it in. Work that tongue underneath! She watched herself in the mirror with a sense of wonder was that her doing this? She was being the slut that her lady had accused her sister of being, and knowing this turned her on all the more.

Now we are going to make you do it a little bit rougher. As the coach pushed his cock deeper and deeper down her mouth. It was almost a relief when he told her to take it out and spit on it. Now when I cum, you are not to spit out any, understood? Both hands here it comes!

She was tossed onto the bed, Smith pulled off her panties and got between her legs, spreading them wide, and gave her pussy a kiss, then he stuck his tongue into it and started to lick. She began to moan softly. The men did it slowly, teasingly, keeping her on the edge but not letting her release. Smith got up and took a rubber out the havestore bag and rolled it onto his cock. She moaned and groaned from the sensation even as she had the fear that it would not fit in her.

Then he pushed his cock against her, slowly and steadily she could feel it start to slide in as she dilated to accept it. Then with a pop his head slid all the way into her. Smith smiled and kissed her deeply as he squeezed her nipples. He squirted some lube onto his rubber encased shaft and began to thrust into her, going deeper and harder with each stroke. The coach rolled her onto her stomach stuffing three pillows under her so her ass was high in the air. He stuffed his cock into her from behind, slapping her ass as he screwed her.

Smith shoved his cock into her mouth so she was getting stuffed from both ends. I can tell we are going to have fun breaking you in.

They made her say how much she liked having a big black cock in her. Then the coach had her get on his cock and ride it to an orgasm. When she got off, the rubber looked like its reservoir was ready to pop, there was so much seed in it. Then Smith did her until he popped his nuts, and when he pulled out the rubber almost slipped off spilling inside of her, she feared getting pregnant. The men told her to open her mouth and emptied the contents of the rubbers into it.

Well into the evening Cindy was fucked by and sucked off the two men off. The next morning Cindy woke up. She could not believe what she had done and what they had done to her.

She still had the collar on but no leash. She thought to slip out the door but she could not find them anywhere. She could smell breakfast being made and realized she was starving. Just then the coach woke up. He kissed her deeply good-morning, then he unlocked her collar and ushered her into the shower.

Where they soaped each other up. He rubbed her pussy softly making her cum she was so relaxed she did not even mind him fingering her asshole. He told her to relax then slowly he pushed his index finger into her tight asshole as he fingered her with his other free fingers. She came several times and reached forward and started to jerk his cock off until he told her to stop and just enjoy it.

When they were done they went into the kitchen were she got her second shock of the day. You will make a good wife for Timmy. But sometimes you need a little more. Timmy was almost tossed off the team until she convinced them to let him stay. My husband is one of them, and I think like man like mister, or is it like mister like man. After breakfast they moved into the living room. Then she let her robe drop. Cindy gasped, Gina, was all curves, with round soft breasts, and a golden ring through her right nipple.

She sucked on it feeling it harden in her mouth. That is a good little girl. Gina purred as the two men stroked their cocks hard. Then she made Cindy put her legs slightly more apart and kissed her pussy. That afternoon the two men used both women in every possible combination they could imagine. Cindy looked a little bit worried, he assured her it was in the next town, where none of the neighbors would know them.

They went out to eat and Cindy could feel all the eyes on her and Gina as these two white ladies sat with these two black men who were obviously their dates. Smith made a point of kissing Cindy at the table making some of the dinners nervous. Then they went to a club where the two ladies danced with their men. It was a racially mixed club but still Cindy felt both nervous and excited at the same time. Then they made their last stop for the night, a tattoo pallor in the seedier side of town.

The old man who ran the shop came forward, he greeted the coach and Smith and gave Gina a wink. She was led to the back room, where her young tender breasts were exposed one at a time, and the nipples were pierced with two huge silver rings. Then her clit hood was pierced with a small gold ring. Cindy was given instructions on aftercare. The tattoo artist pulled out his cock and Cindy sank to her knees to pay the man with her mouth for his services.

They went home and Cindy and Gina cleaned up. To the world she still looked like a school girl but she and Gina knew the difference.

Until then you will have to be careful. Oh here we are at your house. After some small talk Cindy went inside. You know that I really want to wait until my wedding day.

Alex Burtin sighed for a long moment, his brown hair blowing softly blowing with the summer wind. The neighborhood wasn't all that far from Alex's place, like two miles to be exact and it was an overall good place to just get away from mundane worries. Besides his car was parked just around the corner if any serious trouble showed up which Alex was inclined to doubt but did it never the less for his girlfriends sake. Joanne came to a halt, stoping her boyfriend in midstride and made a frusterated sound, carefuly looking directly into his hazel eyes she spoke these words carefully so not to hurt his feelings, "I just have a problem making love before we're married.

I meen you know before we started dating that I am a strong believer in good Christian ethics and to have sex before marriage is wrong! He and Joanne very rarely fought but when they did it was usually long and bitter, and worse yet accomplished nothing. One thing he hated more than anything was fighting, especially over something that had already been fought before. This was an age old game between them and several times he seriously considered leaving her for another girl but realized he would never forgive himself if he did.

As they continued walking in silence Alex in frusteration at the thought of having to wait until their wedding day, suddenly a loud whistle interrupted his thoughts and Joanne gave out a cry of surprise. What do you say TJ? They looked to be like stone cold felons that just wanted to find an excuse to hurt someone.

Also by comparing his puny frame to their rock solid builds, he knew he would never have a chance if it came down to a physical confrontation. So just let us go. Stiring his girlfriend back into the general direction where they parked their car at and hoping that niether one of these guys had a weapon. Alex was in for a big shock. TJ reached casually in the back of his pocket and pulled out a fourty four magnum his brown eyes meening business. Niether had much choice but to obey.

So Alex and his love, Joanne meekly followed these heartless, both of them way to scared to do anything but obey. Joanne watched all of this while struggling fiercely agains't her assailent in the middle of the room with a horrified expression on her beautiful face that matched perfectly how she felt inside.

Never in all her life had she felt so terrified, the fact that they had guns was even worse especialy since she absolutely detested guns. Feeling defeated, Joanne stopped her feeble strugles and bowed her head down in presentation. These bastards are bluffing, they don't have the guts to do such a thing. TJ, smirking pointed his gun at the direction of Alex's groin and said, "would you like to make a wager on it?

She felt her face flush self concously as she tentavily, almost seductively took her blue shirt off. The appreciative whistles made her try to cover her glorios bra covered C sized breasts but pulled them away and unhooked her bra, dropping it to the floor. Her breasts felt nice and free in the open air and her nipples were hard like bullets from the fear and cold.

One thing many guys found attractive about her was the fact that her breasts stuck out and didn't bounce as much as most womens did. The only problem was that most people that have seen her breasts which wasn't very many and only other girls , thought that this ment that she went through some expensive surgery, which simply wasn't true. As Joanne took her shoes and skirt off she felt an odd sensation enter her body. She couldn't describe it other than that these guys including her boyfriend are the only guys who ever saw her naked before, other than her dad of course.

For a long momment of just standing in her pantyhose and her sheer white bikini panties than kept her pleading green eyes on Alex's brown ones as she took her pantyhose off, exposing her long and trim looking legs. Can we just leave please? A loud whistle and a whoop of laughter filled the room. How much do you want to bet that the bitch is a virgin and white boy over here never had the courage to break her in? She tried to push by Jerome to rush to her boyfriends aid but his strong hands held her in place like a vice.

After a few fruitless struggles she gave up with her head hung down low. Two loud slaps and loud girl like crys that didn't come from Joanne's lips echoed throughout the room as TJ's open hand bitch slapped Alex, turning his cheeks red as tomatos.

As Jerome took his black shirt off, showing off more muscle than Joanne ever imagined Alex having he said, "look baby this is nothing permisteral but me and TJ over there never fucked a white woman that was a virgin before and we've always wanted to see what it feels like.

The head looked like a helmet, oozing white stuff that she knew had to be precum. It was the raw power behind it that truelly frightened her.

My dad has lots of money if thats what you really want, just leave us be. Her knees tremred slightly as she kneeled on the floor, staring at the floor she decided to close her eyes in hopes that he would just go away. This of course was all in vain for when she opened her eyes once more Jerome and TJ were now both naked and her horror doured even more than it once was.

TJ was a truely fearsome looking figure with pure muscle and slightly larger cock than Jeromes. Sobbing bitterly she realized she had very little choice but to obey so she crawled on her hands and kneeds near to were Jerome with his big black dick was standing. It felt degrading doing this, especially in front of Alex, a man that she loved with all her heart. Joanne knew that he would be enraged and found herself unsurprised when she glanced over at him that his fair eyes were red and accusing, filled with utter frusteration.

His cheeks were still flushed like a virgin girls and his normaly straight hair was now an utter mess. Turning her gaze filled with pity away from her boyfriend for a momment she turned back to Jerome, his big snake smacking agains't her right cheek. Nevertheless she opened her mouth as wide as possible and placed the tip in her mouth, shuddering in horror and revulsion at this act she began to do the act that she never imagined herself doing.

Slowly, what in fact could only be described by some as tentavily she bob her head up and down, making loud gaging noises all the while. Out of the corner of her eye Joanne noticed that Alex, her boyfriend was now sobbing and muttering over and over to the empty air, "this can't be happening to me.

Oh God why are these thugs doing this to us? Not only this but to her horror she noticed that her left hand was now cupping his balls! With a relish she brought it back on the ground, and dismissed it immediatly as just a way to steady herself. One fact that Joanne could not dismiss so readily was her arousal. As dirty and degrading as this act was that strange feeling in the pit of her stomach that she usually surpressed was starting to bare its ugly head.

Desperately she quickly surpressed it, but still it was there in the background; what was more it scared her that she could even get aroused in a situation such as this. This was an act of pure terrorism and Joanne and the guy she hoped to perhaps even marry one day were in the middle of this sick twisted act of perversion.

For one they had guns while they did not and two they were stronger than her boyfriend or her by far. As time drawn out to seeminly endless she finally heard a loud grunt and moaned in surprise as his cock jerked wildly in her mouth and cum just poured into her mouth.

Instinctively she tried to move away but found stronge hands holding her in place and Jerome groaned out, "swallow it all or expect to see yourself at your little boyfriends funeral. Her lady stood aghast at the sight of her flower enthralled to a household servant, and a black one at that. The cock was so massive and long, that though solid it bent from its sheer size and gravity.

Her flower wiggled it in her hand. Then she told her lady what she must do to save the family name. The lady thought it over, then in her Paris original outfit she got onto her knees and hesitantly reached out her hand to the rod her flower held. How had this come about? What started it all?

It began ten years ago….. She thought the gardener was out and she could hide in his shack for a few minutes. He lifts her mini-skirt, removes her pants and begins to lick her shaved pussy carefully.

Beautiful mature blonde has her shaved pussy filled with a hook and clit pumped. A pretty teen blonde in pink underwear fondles herself wildly on her bed, extremely horny and with two fingers up her shaved pussy. Luckily for her, two studs I rut appear at the right moment to calm her down. The latter doesn't hesitate to fill her shaved pussy with spunk Nina is a promising pornstar, that's sure;-.

With her vicious look and seductive moves, she gets her shaved pussy sucked in the bathroom, before being ASS BA Nina est une future star du X, c'est certain ;-!

Sandwich-fucked, she continues sucking while stimulating her clit. Eventually, all the guys empty their balls on her shaved pussy. It all ends with a panoramic view of her anus oozing with cum.

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