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Bestsellers from our shop in the last month Download our English courses: Designed - All rights reserved for www. Most of the stories are experiences from amsterdam, rotterdam, the hague , utrecht or haarlem. But the Netherlands is more than just these cities, and in addition, the cities mentioned are very busy. Maybe nice for going out, but not so nice for your wallet, everything there is very pricey. How about American Dutch men? The ones that were born in the US, but their parents are from the Netherlands?

Are they similar to the Dutch in the Netherlands? I know a guy who is very stylish, and drives a BMW. He is tall, and loves to argue. Arguing is his flirting. Definitely he knows nothing about chivalry. Having a lot of fun reading your blog! I disagree the Dutch guys all I have know not selfish. They are mindful just sound out. In fact they are so charitable. Dutch guys belive in women powerment. Know much more about other people country and culture.

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One Glass of Wine Turning into Several? Drinking Habits can sometimes use a Reboot. Let these words speak to your heart: Overwhelmingly, this question is posed by women, discussed by women, and answered by women. But I can tell you where all the good men have gone. This, ironically, is an essential reason for these so-called man-deserts—men are simply not being asked to contribute their opinions and perspectives.

And the good men themselves are increasingly less likely to offer their point of view, for many reasons. I do not seek to apportion blame here, on either side, but simply to address this question from the seldom-heard voice that is the object of the question itself: Consequently, the roles of both men and women have been transformed and redefined. While we struggle to adjust to the new and still evolving status quo, the war of the sexes has taken millions of casualties.

Subsequent marriages fare even worse. The spectre of divorce is another contributing factor in the conspicuously expanding man-deserts. Many men, having seen their fathers broken by divorce, fear the loss of their assets, their homes, and their children and are simply stacking their chips, choosing not to gamble, and checking out of the marriage casino. Family courts invariably award primary custody to the mother, while the father is restricted to weekend access, supervised visits, or left to literally climb the walls of Buckingham Palace in a superhero costume to protest rights for dads.

Men—will they ever grow up? The ridicule and debasement of men in the media and mainstream culture is now pervasive. Watch a commercial, sitcom, or movie, and invariably an immature man-child or dumb dad is the butt of the joke—the hapless buffoon.

Fortunately, these silly men are always saved from themselves by a smart, witty woman or a conscripted, eye-rolling child. When I was in secondary school, perhaps 14 years old, there was a girl who patrolled the playground, egged on by her gang of girlfriends, kicking the boys between the legs. Clearly, she had been informed by someone this was the quickest, easiest, and funniest way to bring those stupid boys down to earth.

One day it was my turn. Caught by surprise, I crumpled to the ground after a swift kick to the balls, in too much agony even to cry out.

Oh, how the girls laughed! Even then, I abhorred a bully. The following day, I found my attacker in the playground and, contrary to my upbringing, without warning I kicked her swiftly between the legs.

A crowd of cheering boys slapped me on the back—their new avenger. No one had told them that was allowed, surely it was against the rules!

I remember feeling no satisfaction or honour in defeating a weaker adversary but sometimes, especially in the case of a bully, personal satisfaction and honour is not the point—standing up to their aggression is. As I grew into a man—a good man—I learned to walk away from provocation, as most good men do. Followed by coffee mugs, posters, even a book. Inevitably, he was ridiculed by a myopic majority. Presently, in some areas of the U. A young boy can go to school and have no adult male role model, and then return home and have no adult male role models.

Young girls are achieving significantly higher academic standards than young boys. This feminisation of schools spills over into university, then the workplace, and eventually the home, completing the insipid cycle and the marginalisation of both boys and men.

I was born in I grew up with a strong mother, four stronger sisters, and no father. I was taught, not only by my family but also by wider society, to regard women as my equal, and I always have. Yet, unknown to me, a generation of women were being indoctrinated and trained with a sharp-edged tool kit designed to emasculate men.

It seems only fair. But the nature of men when faced with a fight is to fight back, either psychologically or physically. The relentless competitive struggle to determine who wears the trousers is simply a turnoff for many men. Many are just opting out of the kind of psychological warfare that is common in relationships today, unwilling to engage in the minefield of mind games, which are usually executed in three ways. The first is the habitual belittling and denigration of men, in private or in front of friends, family or colleagues, for what is supposed to pass as humour.

The second is letting a man know, casually of course, that other men are sexy, have better looks, more money, talent, or fame. If you tell a man often enough that he is surplus to requirements, eventually he will stop expending his energy to convince you and himself otherwise.

Men are rapidly waking up to this phenomenon of man-bashing, so much so that a disillusioned social movement has arisen with its own freshly-minted acronym: Supported by websites and online forums, men are regrouping with a common cause, a sense of brotherhood, and finding their voices again.

Many aggrieved MGTOW refuse to marry or even date Western women, the more ardent among them consciously choosing non-committal relationships, strippers, pornography, or celibacy. I have been dating for more than 35 years, and back in the s, a man was expected to pay for the movie tickets, dinner, flowers, chocolate, the diamond ring, the house. In each subsequent decade these social conventions have slowly eroded, yet to a greater or lesser extent still remain.

Long-held social biases, like the wage gap for example, take time to bring to full equality. It is important to recognise, however, that equality is a two-way street. Because for a century we have been digging up and bulldozing said street. Yet travel it we must.

The original message of equality has been somewhat skewed. Women often recycle the poorly thought-out doctrine that they are the same as men.

Equality is not always sameness, and sameness is not always equality. For example, women have equal opportunity to go to war and fight side by side with men, but the physical standards to allow them to do so are not the same.

And this can be seen across a whole spectrum of professions, from firefighters to ballet dancers. Equality is not always sameness.

Difference is diversity, and should be a cause for celebration, not dogmatic elimination. Men are often told but, again, not asked they are afraid of strong independent women.

Many men, tired of such futile debates and wary of being branded a misogynist if they dare to disagree, are simply shutting down and becoming emotionally unavailable to women, taking permanent residence in their man-caves. The truth is, men love strong and independent women—it turns them on, in every way.

The relentless competitiveness necessary in the workplace no doubt, but hardly necessary at home in a loving relationship , the verbal aggression, the emotional manipulation, and the psychological controlling are huge turn-offs.

Increasingly, men are just not interested in competing at work and then having to come home and compete with their partners. In the sphere of heterosexual relationships, most women are not attracted to emasculated feminine men, which is fair enough.

By the same token, most men are not attracted to masculine, domineering women. So, these are some of the general and specific issues creating man-deserts, from the perspective of good men. Many women are beginning to reject the modern brand of feminism, the so-called third-wave that is tantamount to thinly veiled misandry. Equally many men, for two or three generations now, are rejecting the attitude that a woman is some kind of second class citizen. Letting go of these destructive modes of thought, communication, and behaviour is an essential process for healthier and happier relationships between men and women.

For now, they have gone their own way. But they are out there, in the same desert, contentedly swimming in the oases they have found for themselves, no doubt waiting for the fourth-wave of feminism to wash over them so we can all truly embrace equality, just like the first-wave promised.

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