Wetherspoons Breakfast

I cannot say I was looking forward to this one.

I have loved Wetherspoons for its good beers at low prices since the 1990s.
And their Steak Night is an excellent deal too.

But how on earth can anyone offer a cooked breakfast for £2.99 and it not be horrible?
Surely the ingredients cost more than that?

So it was with a little trepidation that Nephew Rhys & I breakfasted there.

I’m not going to waste your time with any pictures as you know what it looks like.
Aber has  a decent Wetherspoons – hardly any alcoholics shouting at imaginary people (but imagine if they opened a branch in Borth!!)

Wetherspoons now opens at 7am (7am!!) as they exploit their clever business model. The building is paid for, as are the rates, so why not open as long as you can to maximise revenue?

It wasn’t busy at 9am, but it ticks over, and since there are early morning trains Wetherspoons can be hoovering up punters while other cafe-owners are still in bed.

We ordered with a friendly Antipodean (NZ or Aus – how are we supposed to know when they both sound the same?) and awaited our food with interest.

It arrived quickly, and certainly looked the business.
2 BreakfastsI had the Large Breakfast (£4.70) and Nephew had the Traditional (£2.99)
3 SmallerThis was surprisingly good.
Egg yolk was still runny with no runny white.
Beans fine.
Hash browns fine (but what are they? why don’t you get them outside breakfast?)
The bacon seemed to have been cooked on their main meat grill, as it had attractive cooking marks and tasted quite smokey, and a little of burger.
The grilled tomato was OK, and the sausage surprisingly meaty. I had been a-feared of this, as I have had (and served) some terrible cheap sausages in breakfasts before, but this was fine.
The toast was hot, thick, and decent.

The Large is quite a bit larger.
4 LargerYou get an extra sausage and bacon.
An extra egg.
An extra hash brown (mm, thanks) and more toast.
And a bonus mushroom.
It is a big breakfast, and we were both very full, without feeling bloated or greasy.

It’s worth paying more to get the freshly ground rather than filter coffee, and Rhys’ larger apple juice was good value at £1.20

WSMenuThe rest of the menu reads well, but I’ve only tried the Eggs Benedict (£3.69).
They were a bit salty, and the poached eggs were odd, but I was at Gatwick Airport and delighted to get anything well-priced that came with a decent pint of Jaipur.

It is interesting, brave and right of Wetherspoons to put the calorific value on their meals.
Learning that my Large Brek was 1500 calories does make me feel a bit weak now (the Eggs Benedict is a third of that!) but I don’t regret it at all.
I wonder how it has affected their business.

As a former cafe-owner myself, it saddens me to admit this, but Wetherspoons cooked breakfast are a bargain.
There are healthy options such as porridge with strawberry/blueberry compote that are 312 calories and only £2.69 with a drink.

I’m not going to be a regular – I’ve got a posh coffee machine & Mr Rattray to look after me. And some of the booze looked awful tempting even at 9am (especially when the nephew got into the twentieth minute of Youtube explanations) which could be a problem over time.
But you could do a lot worse …


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