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As much as we love Ultracomida’s food, we love their business model even more.
The great produce in the deli is a reason to visit the restaurant.
And the great food in the restaurant is then a reason to visit the deli.

Symbiosis. It’s made Ultracomida a thriving business with a hatful of awards.
And if they’re going to offer good-value evening meals, then how could we resist?

01_OutsideWe are the Ladies Who Lunch, so what has brought us out in the evening when decent folk should be in the garden with a Cava?
Ultracomida’s pinchos plate, that’s what.
05_Pinchos£14 gets you this plate of mixed tapas and two glasses of wine.

It’s rather bread-y (where’s the tortilla?) and they’ve cut back on the aioli in recent months, but it’s a very tasty spread.
The centre of olives, pickles and capers are surrounded by two each of Manchego cheese, roasted red pepper and tuna, homemade hummus with mild pepper, ‘Russian Salad’, and serrano ham, all on lightly toasted baguette.

[What’s garlic mayo’s favourite song? “Aioli want to be with you.” Suit yourself.]

07_InsideThe wine was excellent. The Rioja was very good indeed, although served at bath temperature (which felt like being on holiday)

The Verdejo was a joy too.
And – can I say again – this was £14?
£7 each for a tasty meal and a glass of wine? The other offer-not-to-be-missed offer in Aber is the 2-pizzas-plus-bottle-of-wine for £22.50 at the Pier Brasserie, and it’s hard to know which is our favourite (or how we forgot the camera last time we went so couldn’t do a review).

06_ExtrasWe had a couple of extra sides too. [Menus at the end.]

The Andalucian salad was a bit mean for £3, but the ingredients sang with fresh flavours.

The chicken & chorizo paella, however, was like being on holiday. The meats were tasty, and a squeeze of the lemon brought it all to life.

We felt spoiled for choice, too, and were only sad that we were too full for dishes we’d enjoyed in the past – blue cheese with honey is a Spanish classic and their lentil stew a surprisingly rich treat.

08_DessertYou could have the deserts, and no one would judge you.
We love a tarte de Santiago (almond cake, £3.60) with a shot of ice cream as much as we love a churros with hot chocolate (£2.95) but we were feeling too full.
Yes, even for choc brownie.

As you may have gathered, we like Ultracomida.
The bill for our pinchos plate, two sides and two glasses of wine was an almost-astonishing £20.50.

This felt very reasonable, and we even stretched to a tip!

10_Bill11_FinalMaybe there are better meals to be had for two for £20 in Aber, but I don’t know where they are.
Some people do grumble that the daytime tapas can be a bit dear – but not me.
You’d struggle to get this price/quality ratio in Spain.

Go now, and if you pay for your meal, but steal their business model, then we for two would be pleased.


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