UltraComida Breakfast

Ultracomida is packed out whenever we go for lunch or dinner, but it’s less well-known as a breakfast destination.

So we recruited some fellow tasters, held our fast till they opened at 10am, and set off for a look.

As you can see, it was pretty quiet – a surprise for those of used to squeezing in at 12.15.
UltracomidaMenu1Maybe Ultracomida aren’t morning people – not many staff there and the breakfast menu isn’t exhaustive, largely focusing on combinations of chorizo, bread, potato and egg.
Nothing wrong with that, of course – we love chorizo, bread, potato and egg – but we’d have liked a little more variety.
Especially since one variation from this – roasted vegetables – wasn’t available, meaning a limited choice for our veggie friend.
And we were disappointed their excellent tortilla wasn’t available (we saw one come out of the oven, ready for lucky lunchtime punters).

UltraComida Orange JuicerDrinks MenuHaving already coffee’d up, we were very pleased to see one of these orange squeezing machines.

The coffee is excellent in Ultracomia, and there are plenty of other options such as hot chocolate (with churros for dipping),  teas,  juices or cocktails for the hardier-than-us.

Huevos Rotos Garlic MushroomsOur guest both went for the Huevos Rotos – a mixture of potato, “broken eggs” (a cross between an omelette and scrambled) with toast, olive oil and a sprinkle of herbs.
Sarah had the garlic mushrooms shown above – she thought there wasn’t much garlic until she got a few big pieces and was then happy, but felt it was too salty and too oily for her to be able to finish it.
(I had a try, and couldn’t taste garlic but could taste the salt. Lovely meaty mushrooms though.)

Paul had it with chorizo –
Huevos Rotos Chorizo– he was under-whelmed at the chorizo, but he particularly liked the little bits of burned onion & potato from the bottom of the pan – “Yum!”

Bethan and I both had the chorizo, fried egg and patatas fritas –
Ham Egg Chips – a fancier ham, egg and chips.
This looked quite boring on the plate (especially compared to the exciting broken eggs) but it was tasty and plentiful.
Almost too plentiful – we couldn’t finish it.

We enjoyed our breakfast, the orange juices were excellent, and at under £9 each, it was good value – we ate noticeably less for the rest of the day.
The range is a little narrow (especially with items missing) and I’m not really sure that it’s a breakfast menu.
It looks more like brunch, especially as it doesn’t start till 10 (try getting my nephews to wait that long).

But we love Ultracomida, and it remains our favourite place in Aberystwyth.
We’ll be back soon, probably for tapas with a guarantee of tortilla.

31 Pier St, Aberystwyth, Ceredigion
SY23 2LN
01970 630686

Monday:  10AM – 5PM
Tuesday – Saturday: 10AM -9PM
Sunday:  12PM – 4PM


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