Tynllidiart Arms

Tynllidiart Arms, Capel Bangor

The Tynllidiart Arms in Capel Bangor has been appealing to both locals and travelling foodies for over a decade now.
It’s proof that if you have a good product, people will come.

Their menu has a clever blend of interesting offerings with more traditional plates for the less adventurous.

Yet Bethan and I were not here for the “Cod and Borth Crab Cakes with Chilli & Lime Mayo”, nor for the “Mediterranean Mezze”, even though it had pomegranate couscous, grilled halloumi and roasted aubergine.

No – we were here for their special offer on ribeye steaks.

MenuOh yes, we had a good look at the menu, and we’d heard good things about the cooking, but on a Thursday night the Tin Lid offers a ribeye steak, chips, field mushroom and a side salad for £12.95.

Oh, and a large glass of wine is included too, although you can have a beer or soft drink instead.

Since their ribeye steak is normally £17.95, this offers fantastic value, and was a surefire way to get Dafydd and me away from the World Cup on a Thursday night.

The pub has a nice bar, although this is usually crammed with people, and a few downstairs tables where you can eat.
But the upstairs dining room is much nicer.
Inside3These tables by the window are particularly nice.
Inside1Our drinks arrived promptly.
My house Shiraz was excellent, and a 250ml measure was enough for some pre-food drinking, and then to accompany the steak.
Dafydd was less pleased with his beer. The normally reliable Butty Bach was cloudy, and a touch too yeasty. Annoyingly not bad enough to return, but not right either.

Steaks1The ribeye steaks were the stars, and they shone.
Perfectly grilled to give them a well-done, almost smoky exterior, they were evenly medium rare inside, without a touch of rare or blood.
Medium Rare SteakRibeye does have more fat, but you do have a knife, and it was both melt-in-the-mouth and full of flavour  (fillet gives the former without the latter, and rump can be touch much the other way).
Steak2However, the chips were a little disappointing.
The correct size and cut, and looked great, but they weren’t crispy at all, and only just cooked in the middle.
Many places now make such a virtue of their double (or triple) cooked lovelies that this was a real surprise after a steak that so exceeded expectations.
And it’s a weird thing to praise, but the mushroom were excellent, earthy and deep and huge.

We ordered a side of onion rings (£2,50), and these were fantastic.
Just look at them.
Onion RingsIn contrast to the chips, they were crisply battered and delicious.

Despite reservations about the chips and the beer (although Dafydd should have had the wine, if only because it’s better value to have a £5 glass of wine for free) we were DELIGHTED with our trip to the Tin Lid.

Specials Board

The young staff are efficient and friendly, it has a charming atmosphere and the food was excellent.

You would be delighted to have this as your local pub.
There is plenty on their normal menu to enjoy, and an interesting specials board too, so you could visit often without having the same things twice.

We ate very well for £15 a head with a tip.
If you want to try them out, then the Thursday night steaks are the place to start.

Tynllidiart Arms
Capel Bangor Aberystwyth SY23 3LR
01970 880248

No website, annoyingly, but they are on Twitter @Tynllidiart (though still no menus).


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