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Irie’s Caribbean Restaurant [Closed]

[Irie’s closed in early 2016]

Since Aberystwyth has restaurants for most Mediterranean  countries,  we were pleased to see Irie’s Cocktail Lounge and Caribbean Restaurant open recently.

And with temperatures around freezing, Bethan and I fancied a little West Indian warmth, so we thought we’d dust off our neglected blog and get down there.
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Gwesty Cymru

Prom View GwestySince I live in Aber, I don’t stay in its hotels very often.
But shortly after their opening in 2007, I stayed at Gwesty Cymru and loved it.
BathThe rooms are beautiful, and I had a sea view from both the room AND the bathroom!
I loved watching the winter joggers pass by from my warm tub.
I even took this photo on my primitive phone, so excited was I.

I’ve been back several times for dinner, and always enjoyed it.

It quickly generated a reputation as the place to go for a celebratory meal, and it books up rapidly at the weekend.

Unable to get a table on Saturday evening, we decided to see how it fared at lunchtime.
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Steak Night, Wetherspoons, Aberystwyth

In a slight change to procedure, this is a review of a meal I didn’t even have!

My husband Dafydd needed to have a “chat” with his friend Paul, who has been getting a bit too friendly with Bethan.
He needed to “have a word”, and thought the best way to do this would be over a well-priced piece of steak.

So the two of them went to Wetherspoon’s on a Tuesday night to take advantage of their “Steak Night” offer, and he’s currently shouting out his comments about the food, and a few choice remarks about Paul and Bethan, which I’m trying to untangle as I go along.

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Pier Brasserie, Day Menu, Aberystwyth


PierBrasserieIt isn’t obvious when walking past, but Aberystwyth’s pier has a brasserie at the end of it. Even many locals don’t know it’s there.

But should you navigate your way into the building, follow an unpromising corridor and climb some steep stairs, you will come out into a bright, spacious room with fantastic views.

Interior Pier Brasserie

But can the food live up to the surroundings?

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Backyard Barbecue, Aberystwyth

Diining3Over the summer, Bethan and I visited two very good Cardiff restaurants that specialised in the hot on-trend food of the moment: barbecue.
We enjoyed them a lot, and sadly thought how if we were twenty years younger we’d open a BBQ place in Aberystwyth.

And just as the nights are lengthening, and we start to miss that unpretentious meaty goodness, Backyard BBQ opens up.
But can they match the best Cardiff has to offer? And do the citizens of Aberystwyth want it?
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Med Delight


‘Med Delight’ is a replacement of the unlamented ‘Agra’ on North Parade.
However, with the Morrocan ‘Casablanca’, Greek ‘Olive Branch’, several good Italians and tapas bars in Aberystwyth, we now have more Mediterranean restaurants per capita than Algeria or Zante.
So has this newcomer done enough to make itself heard in the noisy west-Wales Kasbah?
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Aberystwyth Farmers’ Market


Not really a review in this post, but Bethan and I had a lovely trip round the Farmer’s Market and thought we’d share our photos.

The market is on every 1st and 3rd Saturday from 10-2. It’s a shame it’s not on every week as I can never remember when it’s on, but it was a nice surprise to see it today and we grabbed some great goodies.
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Aberystwyth Town Football Club

After a shaky start to the season, Aberystwyth Town have dragged themselves to mid-table obscurity in the Welsh Premier.
One league table they do head, however, is that for Cheapest Sunday lunch in Aber.
Lunch for Bethan & I, plus her two hungry grandsons, came in with change from a twenty. Two cokes plus an OJ-lemonade was £3. Anyone who can undercut Wetherspoons is worth a look.

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