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We did have 50 (!!) subscribers at one point, but an IT problem lost them all.

We are very sad about this, and would be grateful if anyone we lost would sign back up.

Best wishes

The Ladies

OK, not us, but don't they look jolly?
OK, not us, but don’t they look jolly?


The Ladies

7 thoughts on “Subscribe”

  1. Just read your March 30 2016 piece on the disgraced and disgraceful Neil Hamilton. Bravo, and also well written! Serious and amusing at the same time. And I couldn’t agree more, a complete arsehole.

    1. Very surprised to see that the previous “Subscription Comment” is nearly two and a half years old! Has one of you died? 😀

        1. Don’t worry Tony, we’re fighting fit!
          People tend to leave comments under the actual articles, although number of comments vs readers is disappointing.
          However, I never leave comments on other people’s articles, so I can’t grumble.

  2. Just found your blog as (as you do) I was wondering ‘what is it like to live in Aberystwyth? and this looks like a great place to start (they have food there!). Hopefully you will get a chance to write more reviews, but I am looking forward to reading backward through your archives in the meantime. Cheers!

    1. There is plenty of good food here, Julie, and we’re trying our best to get out there and eat it.
      If you’ve any specific questions about Aber, drop us an email.
      Glad to have you as a reader – don’t forget to subscribe!
      Best wishes
      The Ladies

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