How The Peach Tree, Shrewsbury, Handles Complaints

Since we haven’t reviewed many places in Aber recently, we weren’t going to review the Peach Tree in Shrewsbury, despite eating there.
It’s a lovely place, with excellent, well-priced food and friendly staff is an excellent building.
But we’re the ABER food blog, and we were having Sunday lunch (boring choice), and we were visiting our friends Paul and Sarah rather than focussing on the food.
And I only had my cameraphone.

Peach Tree BarBut then, there was a problem with the food!
A mistake had been made, and we (quiet, shy people) had to mention it to the staff!

I’ve heard people say “A Complaint is an Opportunity”, but I’ve never seen one handled as well as at The Peach Tree, and felt obliged to tell all.

The Peach Tree is a number of old buildings knocked together, and very stylish it looks too.
Dining Room Paul and I had both ordered from their well-priced Sunday menu – two courses for £12.95.
The Figgy Pudding starter was a terrine of figs, pistachios and black pudding, served with posh ‘soldiers’ (toasted sourdough bread drizzled in olive oil).
We wondered if it might be a little dry, but it was very tasty.

Our 35 day matured slice of sirloin was perfectly medium-rare with a huge range of (seven!) vegetables and duck fat potatoes.
Not huge, but perfectly done and just the right amount for those of us wanting dessert.

Sarah had an interesting hummus starter – plenty of lemon and cumin, with pomegranate seeds, tumeric and a sprinkling of rose petals.
Like our meaty mains, her grilled halloumi came with a lot of Lebanese-influenced friends (freekah, labneh, honey, pistachios and fatoush salad).  Looked stunning, and tasted even better.

So three of us were delighted.
Bethan initially loved her ramen with pork belly, scallop and soft-boiled egg. Spicy heat without being too hot.
Until she realised there was no evidence of pork belly or scallop.

She considered not mentioning it  as the dish was so tasty anyway, and remembering how Salt in Cardiff Bay twice denied there was any problem in similar circumstances.
In the end, she called someone over.

Well, the waitress was horrified. She apologised that the dish had gone out unfinished, took away the offending item and promised to return with a freshly made up one.

Bethan was happy with that outcome, and was even happier when the waitress returned with another large glass of her sauvingon blanc on the house.
And, frankly, Bethan thought she had gone too far when another waitress announced there would be no charge for the ramen.

The new ramen appeared quickly, and it was a very generous portion – no missing the pork or scallops this time.
RamenWe were delighted with how they solved the problem.

The free wine, and not charging us, would have cost them over £20
I’m guessing whoever was on the pass got a bit of a shouting at, but it’s hardly a hanging offence.

The friendly efficiency of the staff impressed us, and if we were twenty years younger we’d be poaching all their waiting staff.

Embarrassingly, Bethan couldn’t finish this new, generous ramen, but we had seen some fascinating desserts, and decided to try their “assiette” as we couldn’t decide.

Normally an assiette is a sample of each, but this was a very generous amount of their pistachio brulee, spring mess, and’ chocolate garden’.
DessertThis was the perfect dessert for four people (£16), and the presentation was superb.

A rich bowl of caramel sugarwork covered the plate.
The pistachio brulee was served in eggshells in a straw-lined egg box (fancy).

The gingerbread meringue in the spring mess wasn’t too sweet, the fruit was fresh and the vanilla ice cream light.

The “Salted Caramel Chocolate Nemesis Garden” was a perfectly-cooked brownie with an excellent ice cream, chocolate eggs and more ice cream.

We were very pleased with the Peach Tree.  We apologise for not reviewing more places in Aberystwyth, but Shrewsbury has our nearest M&S and Waitrose, so we believe  you should make the trip soon.Bar Seating

The Peach Tree
18 Abbey Foregate
Shrewsbury     SY2 6AE
01743 355055



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