Neil Hamilton In The National Assembly for Wales Is An Insult To Us All

Mid-Wales is one of the most pro-EU parts of the UK, yet UKIP are very likely to win a seat here under the undemocratic system of “Top-Up Lists”.
So you’d hope they might parachute an intellectual and persuasive supporter of Brexit into a sensitive situation.
The news we are very likely to get the unrepentantly sleazy Neil Hamilton is an insult to the people of mid-Wales.

Here’s a timely look at his paid lobbying for nasty people, cash for questions in Parliament, election defeat, libel losses and refusal to admit the vast evidence of his guilt.

[Warning – may contain swearing and pictures of this oily heap of shit]

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CSons Cafe & Restaurant, Shrewsbury

CSons is an exciting new place in Shrewsbury.
The name is a bit awkward, but it’s run by four Crouch brothers (the CSons) who have come from their own foodie backgrounds to create something special.

Initially a brek/lunch cafe, it is now open a few evenings a week.
We were dragged along last Saturday, and although a long way from Aber, we had to pass on this new gem.

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Blackpool Pleasure Beach Speedy Pass

I love Blackpool.
I know a review of the Speedy Pass scheme at Blackpool Pleasure Beach (BPB) is a little beyond the scope of an Aberystwyth food blog, but I feel passionately that it is a disgrace to the people of England, and a potent symbol of the moral bankruptcy of the greedy rich today (and why people let them get away with it).
I don’t understand how and when pushing into queues become socially acceptable.
(Food reviews will be resumed afterwards.)

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Park House, Cardiff

Bethan & I aren’t down in Cardiff as often these days, so last week we made the most of it and tried the intriguing lunch at the Gothic beauty Park House.
They offer a range of different menus and prices, from £21 for a two course lunch to a 7 course dinner with matched wines for £118.

We thought the set lunch would let us see whether the food can match the magnificent building..
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Crimson Rhino, Vegetarian Cafe, Aberystwyth

Aberystwyth is lucky to have such a great vegetarian restaurant as The Treehouse, but they’ve had it their own way for too long.
A little competition is healthy, and with meat-free days big news now – even beefcake Arnold Schwarzenegger is doing it – Crimson Rhino couldn’t have opened at a better time.

So to celebrate an astonishing 32,000 reads of our blog in 2015 (thank you!), I grabbed lapsed veggie Bethan and finally went to review an eaterie for a change (I note the blog has become more about me drinking spirits at home lately)

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