Morrisons Match & More Proves Me Right

Morrisons Match & More card has caused a bit of argument in our house.
I disapprove of Loyalty Cards.
I am loyal to my family, to my friends and to the Welsh rugby team.
I am not loyal to the hedge funds and asset strippers who own our chain stores.
I cut up my Boots card after they moved their HQ to Switzerland to avoid paying the tax that pays for our schools and hospitals.

But Dafydd has been a vocal supporter of Morrisons Match & More cards, waving a £5 voucher under my nose every few weeks, and then loudly drinking the 4 bottles of booze it bought him across one long, tedious evening.

And I, like the big hypocrite I am, have borrowed his card to help him build up the points.

Fortunately, Morrisons have brought this to an end by “changing” the Match & More scheme.
I don’t know what they’ll call it, because they’re not Matching anymore, and seem to be offering less.
So what do you get for sending Morrisons your name, address, phone number & email address?
We both had a look through the letter they sent.
Top_LettIt appears you get 5 points for every £1 spent, and when you get 5000 points, you get £5.
We both had a long think about the maths.
We worked it out that you would need to spend £1000 to get a £5 voucher.
That couldn’t be right – it would take months to get one.
But a quick look on the Twitter confirmed  it, and people weren’t happy at the dramatic worsening of the offer.

Not that Morrisons admit it’s a worsening – they’re actually “changing” the system to “simplify” it. For our benefit! Phew!
It was SO complicated having to redeem all those vouchers for cash – now you’ll be doing it much less.
The unsigned letter also claims, without obvious irony, Morrisons is “committed to value”, while worsening the terms of our relationship.

In addition to thinking you’ll be fooled by use of the word “Simplified”, there’s further evidence Morrisons think you are thick (see here for more) when they explain that “the more points you earn, the more £5 vouchers you’ll get”.
No! Really? Thank you for explaining that!

I was right all along.
Morrisons now has our personal details, and all of our shopping data, and all of his dignity.
And he sold it for a measly 0.5% discount.

I appreciate profits are down, and they have to finance their commendable decision to pay the Living Wage.
But insulting customers by reducing their reward scheme from around 3% to 0.5% isn’t the way to get us spending more in their shops.

I always thought it was an odd commerical decision for Morrisons to print,  on every receipt, exactly how much more expensive than Lidl they are.
One obvious thought is they’re scrapping this because it has cost them more than  expected – which would imply Morrisons are even more expensive than they thought!

They used to do good vouchers where you could get a £4 refund for every £50 spent. A return to those more innocent days would be appreciated here.


2 thoughts on “Morrisons Match & More Proves Me Right”

  1. Although it will vary on a case-by-case basis, a lot of customers will reach 5000 points much earlier than spending £1000, due to the more points. Depending on the products, you can earn hundreds of points on a single purchase, which will cost a lot less.

    1. This is true, but it’s not quite the same.
      “Free” points are more there as a promotion – if they want to make Welsh Butter 20p cheaper then they should do so, not confuse discounts and promotions with reward schemes.
      And since we can’t know which products are on promotion, then this isn’t “simplified” (supposedly the reason for changing the scheme).

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