Why Aberystwyth Morrisons Despise You

You might have thought that, as loyal customers, Morrisons in Aberystwyth might like us.
And with their profits heading south, you’d think they’d want to cherish us, make us feel special. Be nice.
But no. They despise you. They think you are worthless layabouts, fit only for poor service and bad food.
And here’s the proof.
Morrisons Queue 2If they liked us, if they wanted to provide good service, if they thought we were busy people, they’d have enough staff on the checkouts.
But they don’t think your time is as important as theirs, so they are quite happy to make you stand about in queues.

Oh sure, every 5 minutes they’ll run the “Will all till-trained staff PLEASE go back to the checkouts – yes, that includes you Brian!” but they’re not going back to the checkouts!
They’ve got their freedom, running wild. They’re not coming back.

And look at that sign – “Here to Help!” – put some more staff on the checkouts! That would help.

So you stand there, silently cursing the people in front taking ages, but it’s not their fault.
It’s Morrisons.

Go on, talk to the manager, see where that gets you.
She’s a lovely lady, but she will either say:
i) We’re a bit short of staff at the moment
ii) It’s not normally like this (it is)
iii) We’re training up some new people.
Yet it’s still always slow, because you are just plebs, and they don’t see why you shouldn’t wait. They think you’re off to beat your children or spend the child benefit on the Lottery or crack.

And if you doubt they think you’re a fat, unhealthy fool, have a look at their special offer ready meals.
At the moment, it’s lasagne, garlic bread & profiteroles for £6.
(Actually, I quite like profiteroles.)
Lasagne AND garlic bread?
That is just carbohydrates, more carbs, fat, sugar, and more carbohydrates. That is no more a healthy meal than it’s an aeroplane. Eating the cardboard sleeve would be more nutritious.
What about protein? What about fibre? What about vegetables or vitamins?

OK, OK, not all of Morrisons is bad. My nephews (plebs!) like the pizzas where you can choose the toppings from the friendly ladies, and some of the male staff are quite dishy.
The fresh fruit and veg is a wonderful range, their own-label sauvingon blanc is excellent, and their meat & fish superb.

Empty Hot Cross BunsThe bread is a mix of interesting flour combinations (spelt crops up often) and cheap white flour rubbish.
Why they go to the bother of making their own hot cross buns – God’s finest creation – and then ruin them by not putting any fruit in.
(Although maybe the empty hot cross buns are a lesson to us – “THIS is why they’re 4 for 50p – there’s nothing in them!”)

And the aisles  provide the ideal location for large groups of country folk from the hills to stand around catching up with old friends, mindlessly blocking the way.
And don’t get me started on the slow-moving old people who COULD go when it’s quiet at 10am, but choose to go at 5.05pm on a Friday.

Alright, so the shop is mostly fine. So why don’t they have enough staff on the checkouts? Because, deep down, they don’t think we’re not worth it.
Or they want us to use their rubbish self-service machines, where WE do the checkout stuff ourselves, but where will that end?
Will we have to stock the shelves too, or go foraging for stuff in the warehouse?


Morrisons Aberystwyth

Llanbadarn Fawr
SY23 3RN
01970 626892

5 thoughts on “Why Aberystwyth Morrisons Despise You”

  1. I think the queues are OK.
    I don’t get why every receipt shows you how much cheaper Lidl is.
    It’s like my girlfriend putting pictures of better-looking women around the bedroom.

  2. Are you actually stupid?
    You talk about their lack of profits, so did you not think that they are struggling to employ extra staff and the people they’re calling are shop floor staff, who if they weren’t stocking shelves, you’d find fault too. Utter idiocy.
    Deal with it. They don’t hate you, they are trying their best to serve you.
    On that note; how are checkouts staff to blame for bad food? They don’t deal with that side of things. Get off your high horse and show respect for the people serving you and they may return the favour. I’ve never had any bad service there. Queues are queues. They can’t make staff appear out of thin air. If you quit complaining then maybe they’d be able to put more funds into individual stores rather than dealing with petty customer complaints. Ridiculous attitude.

    1. i) “Are you actually stupid?” Are you, actually, like able to write properly? Is you a teenager?
      ii) “Lack of profits [lead to] struggling to employ staff”. Cart before the horse. I believe lower customer service CAUSES lower profits, as customers depart.
      iii) “Deal with it”. Why should I just accept poor service without calling them out on it? You might be happy with a life in the gutter, but some of us are looking at the stars. You could have said “Whatever”, of course.
      iv) “How are checkout staff to blame for bad staff?” Is YOU stupid? I don’t make that connection anywhere in the article. Comment on what is there, not what you imagine.
      v) “Get off your high horse”. As bad as “Deal with it”: what does it even mean? Calling a company out on poor service is fair and interesting to read.
      vi) “Queues are queues”. Hmmm. Aberystwyth University’s poor academic standing is starting to make sense. Any statement, where the opposite is ridiculous, is not worth making. Are you studying PE?
      vii) “They can’t make staff appear out of thin air.” Yes they can. They put an advert in the paper saying “Checkout staff needed”. Staff appear, literally, out of thin air. When you leave Aber Uni you will learn that companies have what are called HR departments (though I doubt you’ll meet many).
      viii) “If you quit complaining…” Is you an American teenager?
      ix) “… they’d maybe they’d be able to put more funds into stores” Eh? I haven’t contacted them directly. And dealing with customer complaints is an important part of any business. Indeed, handling problems effectively can make customers feel better about the company (see my review of the Peach Tree).
      Very poor effort, “Aber Student”.
      I enjoy a ding-dong as much as anyone, but this was too easy.
      Please try harder next time.
      3/10 The Ladies

      1. You’re perfectly welcome to dissect everything I have said, but are you incapable of reading? I didn’t say that staff were to blame for bad staff. Eejit, comment on what is there, not what you imagine. If you are the standard to which I should look up to, in terms of writing ‘properly’, I do fear how far up your own arse you are.
        You write a blog, your literary prowess must far outrank us lesser folk. Sorry for burdening you with a counter opinion.

        I have friends employed by Morrisons; both of which have had their hours cut because the store can’t afford to pay them, so the simple task of advertising new jobs only works if the company can pay.

        I do realise that plenty of people complain because they’re not happy with the service they receive, but suggesting that they hate you, even in a satirical sense, is just ludicrous. I predict you’ll deliver a superior response to my own, but we are just different people, I’d never complain on the basis of a queue, when the staff are seemingly stretched as it is.

        1. We’re not so different, you & I. (I sound like a Bond villain now.)
          You say Morrisons doesn’t employ enough staff, and I’m agreeing, aren’t I?
          And the dissection was a little pedantic, but I enjoyed the impossibility of making people appear, and couldn’t stop.
          I am not blaming the shopfloor staff for the queues, but management.
          I’ve worked on a supermarket shopfloor myself for three years, so I’m not completely unaware of the power struggles therein.
          Best wishes

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