Morrisons Lunch Deal (And Living With Alcoholism)

I’m always being rude about Morrisons, so props to them for offering a great lunch deal.
Posh sandwiches, a posh drink, and a dessert or pie or fruit is a good deal for £3.

It’s just weird that the store itself is laid out like the home of an alcoholic.
Everywhere you turn, there are great big piles of booze.

I sometimes have to go into the Welsh Government office in Aber, and despite rumours to the contrary, the meals are neither subsidised or interesting.
The sandwiches are particularly bad, so I always bring my own, or pop into Morrisons.

Most meal deals exclude the nice stuff, so I was pleased that theirs includes their excellent but expensive £2.64 ones:
Sandwiches SealedThe drinks range is quality too, with fizzy ones for that sort of person, a range of fruit juices and smoothies (including premium brand Innocent) and either a dessert (choc brownies are good), a pair of decent mini pork pies or the acceptable vegetable samosa.
There’s even those little bags of fruit for those people who can’t just eat an apple.

The ham and egg model has soft, tasty seeded bread, and LOTS of delicious filling. Just look at these butties:
Sandwiches OpenYou would, course you would.
That lot would be £4.95 at full price, so £3 is a bargain.

The only downside of going to Morrisons is that reminds me of living with an alcoholic.
Everywhere you look are great piles of booze, even in places you wouldn’t normally expect it.

Shops traditionally put fresh fruit and veg at the front.
This is to make you think you are in a healthy, fresh sort of a place.
You never see toilet rolls when you first walk into a shop.
Morrisons bucks the trend by adding booze.
1 Booze in SaladSalad and wine?

On we go to the deli.
2 Booze In DeliThere’s nothing that says “deli” quite like crates of Magners cider piled up 5ft high.

Onto meat, and guess what, more booze!
3 Booze In Meat

There is an actual booze department – four aisles of it.
There is – and I speak as a drinker myself – plenty of booze to be found in Morrisons normally.
There cannot be many people, lost souls, wandering the aisles, who can’t find the booze.

So why does it need to be piled up around fridges too – to insulate them?
4 Booze EverywhereOK, I know it’s Christmas, and the boffins at Morrisons HQ have data-mined that this is a popular time to drink alcohol.
And some of the stuff on offer is decent -two Marlborough Sauvingnon Blancs for £10 is good deal.

But it would be nice to be able to walk round a shop without a maniac trying to force booze on me.
Just because I trivialise alcoholism doesn’t make it any less unpleasant.
Morrisons needs to try cutting down before it develops a problem.


3 thoughts on “Morrisons Lunch Deal (And Living With Alcoholism)”

  1. Fizzy drinks for ‘that sort of person’? What kind of person would that be then? What a snobbish comment. I usually enjoy your blogs but I won’t bother any more.

    1. Wow – what a quick Comment!
      You win a prize as our Star Reader.
      Hold on, no, you’ve just quit, thus making you our fastest “Star Reader”.
      I DO have a problem with fizzy drinks, it’s true.
      The “Normal” versions are just sugar, and your body doesn’t notice sugar in drinks like it does in, say, a Mars bar.
      And the “Diet” versions are full of nasty chemicals that often encourage hunger pangs,
      You are our “Star Reader” (for the moment, till you quit)
      What would you like me to change it to?
      For you, Sarah, I’ll just delete it.
      We didn’t get to 32,000 page reads this year by ignoring feedback!
      TBH, I think the flippant attitude to alcoholism is worse, but TYG.

    2. No!
      She’s gone!
      Our first unsubscribed reader!
      The shame of it.
      One casual joke, and now the website’s on the decline.
      I’m going to sell it to Google right away …

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