The Lion, Llandinam

From time to time, we like to leave Aberystwyth, if only to laugh at the identical High Streets out east, or maybe to marvel at their private sector businesses.

If we’re going to Shrewsbury, we’ll be eating in Shrewsbury, but sometimes a late start can combine with early hungry an hour from Aber.

Llanidloes has much to commend it – Evans’ chip shop, two Indians, the eccentric Lloyds – but otherwise it’s a desert out there.

So it was with a sense of excitement and relief that we fell into the Lion of Llandinam.

You know, Llandinam.
The one with the big statue of David Davies, the beautiful Broneiron, and the doomed school where locals are having extra sex & children to keep it open.
You must have driven past this pub a hundred times.Lion Llandinam ExteriorIt was renovated and gastropub’d a few years ago by Joanna & Nick Davies (whom I remember as “Peggy” from cooking competitions a decade ago).
It’s not too fancy inside, with a restrained dining room and an attractive bar area.
BarNothing too fancy, but looked nice.
Same with the menu.
Nothing too weird, but lots you’d like to try.
So although we were tempted by the rump of lamb, the Gressingham duck and the steaks, it was only noon so we went a bit smaller.

Although they do decent sandwiches, Bethan went for beer-battered cod and chips (how can she reject the mushy peas??) which turned out to be a monster!
FishThe batter was crispy, the fish soft, moist and full of flavour.
We liked the conceit of serving it in the faux frying basket too.
The chips were particularly good – hot, fresh, crispy outside and soft centres.
Not that you can see them in that picture, so here they are with my pie.
PieAnd what a posh pie it was.
Venison, celeriac and bacon was just the thing.
Not the biggest, stuffed-est pie ever, but just right for lunchtime, and the tastiest I’ve had in a while.
It came with a portion of the spectacular chips, mini-pan of red wine gravy, and a sweet chutney (unmentioned on the menu).
Like Bethan, I was very pleased.

The beer range was a little pedestrian, redeemed by a hop-tastic Three Tuns Pale Ale.

The re-invigorated Lion has been a big hit, with people coming from far and wide. (I’ve had at least three people insist we go.)
Should you be travelling through, you could do a lot worse than take a break in Llandinam, if only for a coffee in front of their fire.


The Lion Llandinam
SY17 5BY
01686 688233


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