Lovely Local LibDem Lady Looks Like Losing!

During last years’ General Election, I wrote a piece about the local Libdems fake-newspaper leaflet, and the half-truths, omissions, falsifications and made-up quotes it contained.

So it was with some anticipation that I saw another one on my doormat, and I eagerly looked to see if they’d cleaned their act up.

And I’m disappointed to say that they have. A bit.
Up_FrontThey’re a bit naughty in presenting the views of Elizabeth Evans as those of a “Health Campaigner”.
Nowhere on the front page does it mention she is a LibDem councillor, MP Mark Williams’ caseworker, and standing in May’s Welsh Assembly elections.
Nor does the “Ceredigion Herald” mention it is a LibDem paper in Cambrian News disguise.

Further down is a story about the “woefully inadequate” mental health services in Ceredigion.
No complaints from me about that, but it’s odd Ms Evans doesn’t mention the half-decade of cuts to public spending supported by her old pal MP Mark Williams.
I thought LibDems supported austerity & spending cuts?

Mark Williams is a popular MP, whose strong local work saw him re-elected during May’s Liberal wipeout.
But I wouldn’t include him in photos.
Up_CoupleHe always looks like the photographer has made an improper suggestion, and here the two of them look like a divorcing couple going to have their dog destroyed.

And so, none the wiser about the intentions of Ms Evans, we continue.
Up_InnerAnd again, it’s all a bit vague.
Plaid Cymru is roughed-up for closing schools, but no mention of LibDem-approved Austerity.
If anyone is to blame for school closures, it’s the people of Ceredigion for not having enough children.
We should be encouraging people to have more unprotected intercourse, rather than criticising politicians brave enough to take the unpopular decisions forced on them.

Ms Evans is very good at spotting places where money could be spent.
Free parking in town centres? Better health services? That stupid rail link from Aber to Carmathen? Cutting VAT? More money for universities?
In just two pages she supports them all.

We are not in a situation where we need to find things to spend spare money on.
We actually need to spend a lot less money on public services, due to cuts imposed by you-know-who, but she doesn’t suggest any.

She opposes the plan to reduce the number of local authorities from 28 to approx 8.
Greater Manchester has a population similar to that of Wales, and manages with just one council, but hey.

She wastes half a page saying how important broadband is, and how poor coverage is outside Aberystwyth.
But surely she’s seen the BT vans along the A487 – by May even notorious not-spot Blaenplwyf will have broadband speeds that would make a New Yorker weep.
(If she wants to curry favour in these parts, she could help us encourage the police to pursue speeding motorists with the vigour they do elsewhere.)

We’re now three pages in, and we know nothing about Elizabeth Evans, apart from her desire to spend money that doesn’t exist.
And they have at least admitted she is standing for election.

The final page is a little more forthcoming.
Up_RearA surprisingly jolly –  and surprisingly giant – Mark Williams explains why he is supporting his friend, long-time caseworker and LibDem councillor in the election.
But who is Elizabeth Evans?
She was chair of Mencap Ceredigion for 5 years, she was mayor of Aberaeron like her grandfather before her, and her parents owned that nice chip shop.
She has spent 20 years working for her local community.
She even has a dog!

Nothing about that – instead we have a pointless graph showing how well Plaid did last time, Mark Williams being vague about Syria, and Mark Williams writing about tax credits.

The elephant in the room is her opponent.
The LibDems are happy to paint Plaid Cymru as an uncaring party cheerfully closing local schools, but the local candidate, and current AM, is Elin Jones.
Notice their paper says “It’s Elizabeth or Plaid” rather than “It’s Elizabeth or Elin”.
Even those people who consider Plaid a pretend political party, for an imaginary Wales, quite like Elin Jones.
Think of a little girl in traditional Welsh costume waving a Welsh flag and shouting “Vote for Wales”.
That’s Plaid Cymru.

Yet Elin Jones is Ceredigion. She is our Earth Mother, our lodestar, the keeper of our divine secret.
Which means she is going to defeat Elizabeth, just like in 2011.
(But then again, I thought Plaid would win the General Election too, so what do I know?)

I wish Liz Evans the best of luck, and look forward to a campaign where we get to know her better.
Isn’t it a shame she’s not up against Donald Trump in the race for the White House?

Her CV makes her look like the classic local political insider – has she had a job outside the public sector? (But then, who has in Ceredigion?)
She has seemingly joined every committee in Aberaeron – but why?
What drives her on?
What’s her story?
I hope we find out.

** The author is not affiliated to any political party.
A natural Labour voter, she doesn’t anymore as it’s pointless here and Labour is only interested in its S Wales supporters (hence our council cuts being lower than theirs) **


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