Central Chippy and Chip Box 1

Yes, I know that a deep-fried chip shop meal has all the nutritional benefit of a fall down the stairs, and we should all be watching our fat, but sometimes only fish and chips will do.

Helping friends move house recently led us to having a chippy dinner twice in a week, but which was our favourite?

Our first visit was to the Central Fish Restaurant.
Central Chippy PanoramaIt’s our favourite eat-in restaurant, with a relaxed atmosphere, plenty of light, and a nice view of the street and the fryers

Menu_Eat InI don’t eat anything that hasn’t evolved enough to drag itself out of the sea myself, but Bethan and our guests (Len and Win from the English seaside) were delighted to see plaice and cod on the menu.

The plaice was the first thing out:
03 Plaiceand doesn’t it look handsome?
Bethan admired the light-as-air, crispy batter, and plenty of chips too.  (No mushy peas, Bethan thinks they’re ‘an aberration’.)

The cod came out next:
05 Cod PeasThe batter was smoother this time, and very tasty. I had some too, and have to agree.
The only problem was that the mushy peas were rather watery  and insipid – I’m starting to wonder if Bethan might have a point, after all.  But look how happy Len is, and those generous portions
06 Len WinMy own chicken – always a reliable fall-back for the fish-phobic – was fine. Most chippies over-cook it, but this one worked.
07 Chicken ChipsAgain, let down by watery peas, and the chips were perhaps a little cool, but check out that plump breast!

We were pleased with our plates of food
08 Whole Plateand we left there fired up for a hard afternoon’s moving.

Menu_TakeawayCentral does takeaway, of course, but I feel the point of the place is the eating-in.

Chips were acceptable, peas were poor, but as the name implies,  it’s all about the fish.

But if you want to take away, I’d recommend Chip Box 1 up at Penparcau.
There are a number of other Chip Boxes around town, all owned by Adrian Torri, I think, and he leases them out.
Mike Daniels runs the Penparcau one, and we called in a week after Central and were knocked out by the chips.
Very hot and crispy on the outside, soft and fluffy on the inside. We had to wait for them to be cooked, but what a worthwhile wait it was.  They had the helpful option of a ‘mini’ portion of cod, a bit more manageable than the usual whale-sized beasts, and this too was freshly cooked with big firm flakes of fish and crispy batter.

So good were the chips, I forgot to take any photos, so busy was I cramming them in my gob.
The only problem with takeaway is the question of “where to?”
If you take them home they may have gone cold, your house will smell of chips, and there’ll be a mountain of unwanted paper.

ChipBox2But opposite Chip Box 1 is this small but scenic memorial garden, designed to remember those who have donated organs (after death).
It was lovely in the warm evening sun, and the road noise doesn’t bother the hungry chip-eater.
And you can stuff your litter in one of the many bins.

So. If you fancy a traditional chip supper, both of these places will sort you out.
Other chippies are available, of course, and only one had a problem with rats.
I feel we should try a few more, but I’m feeling quite full and a bit over-chipped.
We must review a salad bar next …

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