The Cellar Restaurant, Aberaeron

“The Cellar”.
I don’t think it’s a great name for a nice restaurant right on the harbour in Aberaeron.
“Cellar” makes me think of Josef Fritzl.
But Bethan and I had a good lunch at a very reasonable price here, which has given the word positive associations once again.
Aberaeron has a lovely harbour, where we often stroll, particularly with a honey ice creams in our hands.
Cellar By HarbourThe Cellar is just on the edge there, underneath the (excellent) Celtic chip shop (hence the name).
External Feat PanoramaYou can either sit outside overlooking the harbour –
or in cellar room.
Cellar Inside 1See, it’s not too gloomy, is it? Looking the other way is even brighter.
Inside Cellar 2With nice views out of the windows, why sit freezing outside?
Window ViewHmm, I seem to be talking about the building too much. I just didn’t want the thought of subterranean room to put you off.
PowerPoint PresentationWe called in our way to Llanerchaeron for a light lunch, and thought the menu sounded very good for the money.

The tapas sounded appealing, as did the steak or the fish cakes, but in the end I couldn’t resist the Sweet & Sour Pork Cheeks with Udon Noodles, Spring Onions & Baby Corn (£8.95)
Pork CheeksThat’s a lot of food for £9, and very tasty it was too.
My only complaint was calling them “Pork Cheeks”.
The pigs’ cheeks were soft, almost like a pulled pork, but still with plenty of chewing & deep taste. A delight.
The sauce was thick and rich , coating the stubby Udon noodles with a thick, slightly salty tang.
The onions and corn were fine, but it was all about the interplay of pork, noodles & sauce.
A triumph. And have I mentioned it was only £8.95?

Bethan was similarly delighted with her bowl of Carmathenshire Mussels steamed in a Ginger, Chilli & Coriander Thai Broth (£6.95).
Mussells“They’re not the biggest mussels” she said “but they’re very tasty, and this broth has plenty of kick to it”
She had a portion of chips too (£3), which were very good and I suspect came from the very good chip shop above, and which were a welcome addition to my noodles (she’s very fair with the share).

Bethan had a half of Stowford Press cider too, and this looks a generous table of food for £20.
Food FeaturedService was very friendly and helpful.
A large table of people were well-accommodated next to us.
I thought there was going to be trouble when a requested high chair wasn’t waiting for them, but it appeared promptly.

BillSometimes these reviews go on a bit, so I’ll keep this short & sweet.
We greatly enjoyed our lunch, we’d be more than happy to go back & try their other menus.

The Cellar Bar & Restaurant
8 Market Street
Aberaeron, Ceredigion
SA46 0AS
01545 574666
Cellar Website

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