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Turned Away From the “Light of Asia” at 1:35!

The ‘Light Of Asia’ Indian restaurant didn’t have the best reputation for a long time, but that changed with the new owners a few years ago.
I’ve had lots of people advise me to go.

So this Bank Holiday weekend we put on our walking boots, clomped 5 miles along the coastal path, and arrived at 1:35 looking forward to their good value lunch, a warm welcome and even warmer curry!

First impressions are important, and a locked door isn’t the best.
We peered through the window like urchins, and could see people eating.
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Pizza at no25, Aberystwyth

Everyone’s a winner with pizza.
Customers can’t get enough of that bread and cheese – it’s a hit with kids, people on dates and drunks on their way home.
It’s good for restaurants too – pizza is tricky to do well at home, the mark-ups are phenomenal and punters are always on the look-out for a new angle.
So even though Aber has Baravin and the Pier offering great pizzas in attractive settings, and there’s Domino’s for masochists, you can’t blame Pizza at No25 for joining the fray.

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Mama Fay’s Caribbean Restaurant, Aberystwyth

After the closure of Irie’s, one might question the wisdom of another Caribbean restaurant opening in Aberystwyth.

But Mama Fay’s looks to be set for the long game, with a well-priced and interesting menu, enthusiastic staff  and a good location on Portland Street (site of the late and unlamented Nick’s).
The menu even looks (whisper it!) quite healthy!

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Fusion King, Aberystwyth

A quick look at Fusion King’s menu shows a dizzying array of foods at incredible prices.
The restaurant is defiantly unfancy – so if you prefer thrills to frills it’s the place to go for Chinese, Japanese, Mexican, Thai, Korean, Italian or Mongolian.
And if that all sounds a bit too foreign for you or your unadventurous partner, there’s always the Jacket Potato or Baguette of Shame.

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Restaurant James Sommerin, Penarth

My favourite meal with Bethan was the Crown at Whitebrook in 2010, where Welsh chef James Sommerin earned his reputation (and a Michelin star) for inventive, skilled and delicious cooking.
The atmosphere was serious without being sombre, and prices were very reasonable (£40 for six courses).
Crown SouffleThe chocolate souffle, with a quenelle of Bailey’s ice cream added at the table, was a thing of wonder.
I went on about it so much, I made a version for my nephews
Boys SouffleSadly, The Crown closed in 2013, but in 2015 James opened his own restaurant in Penarth, and we were very excited to give it a try. Continue reading Restaurant James Sommerin, Penarth

AberYankee American Diner, Aberystwyth

Aberystwyth has an American Diner on the seafront!
I never knew!

It’s in the old shop on the corner by the old Police Station.
Yes, the one where they film “Hinterland” (not that I watched more than three of those – too depressing and slow and similar).*

I wonder what aspects of American cuisine they’ll have?
I hear it’s popular with the young people, so I grabbed my nephews, fired up the Chevy, and hit the road.

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CSons Cafe & Restaurant, Shrewsbury

CSons is an exciting new place in Shrewsbury.
The name is a bit awkward, but it’s run by four Crouch brothers (the CSons) who have come from their own foodie backgrounds to create something special.

Initially a brek/lunch cafe, it is now open a few evenings a week.
We were dragged along last Saturday, and although a long way from Aber, we had to pass on this new gem.

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The Hive, Aberaeron

Tired and emotional after a trip to Aberaeron’s Beer & Cider Festival, Bethan and I needed a good feed to get our keel even again.
We’ve had the honey ice cream at The Hive many times, and my friend Chelsea Alan raved about the food after eating there twice in a week.
So after I prised Bethan away from an over-enthusiastic solicitor at the festival (Wedding Ring Alert!), we approached The Hive via the scenic harbour.
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