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Stuff I can’t think where to put it

Lidl, Aberystwyth

Bethan and I have fallen behind on our reviewing recently (working away, illness, poverty, the usual)
Just as we were deciding where to review next, I mentioned some of the excellent food I’d had from Lidl’s Deluxe range.
She surprised me by saying she’d been there recently as well. She had expected it to be cheap, but hadn’t expected it to be such good quality.

So we set off for Lidl together to share their best bargains with you.

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The Lion Hotel, Shrewsbury

I love Aber, of course, but sometimes a girl needs somewhere a little bigger.
I’m grateful to the people of Aber for keeping the town 70s-style (that’s the 1870s) but sometimes you do need to go to M&S or Waitrose.

Shrewsbury is an old favourite, as it’s an easy train journey, it has all the shops and restaurants you could want, and has beautiful gardens by the river.

Plus it reminds me of Christmas shopping with my mum
And Dafydd had got us a very good deal on Travelzoo – dinner, bed and breakfast for two at the Lion Hotel for £99.
Surely that’s too cheap for a quality weekend, isn’t it?
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Aberystwyth Farmers’ Market


Not really a review in this post, but Bethan and I had a lovely trip round the Farmer’s Market and thought we’d share our photos.

The market is on every 1st and 3rd Saturday from 10-2. It’s a shame it’s not on every week as I can never remember when it’s on, but it was a nice surprise to see it today and we grabbed some great goodies.
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Aberystwyth Town Football Club

After a shaky start to the season, Aberystwyth Town have dragged themselves to mid-table obscurity in the Welsh Premier.
One league table they do head, however, is that for Cheapest Sunday lunch in Aber.
Lunch for Bethan & I, plus her two hungry grandsons, came in with change from a twenty. Two cokes plus an OJ-lemonade was £3. Anyone who can undercut Wetherspoons is worth a look.

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