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Morrisons Match & More Proves Me Right

Morrisons Match & More card has caused a bit of argument in our house.
I disapprove of Loyalty Cards.
I am loyal to my family, to my friends and to the Welsh rugby team.
I am not loyal to the hedge funds and asset strippers who own our chain stores.
I cut up my Boots card after they moved their HQ to Switzerland to avoid paying the tax that pays for our schools and hospitals.

But Dafydd has been a vocal supporter of Morrisons Match & More cards, waving a £5 voucher under my nose every few weeks, and then loudly drinking the 4 bottles of booze it bought him across one long, tedious evening.

And I, like the big hypocrite I am, have borrowed his card to help him build up the points.

Fortunately, Morrisons have brought this to an end by “changing” the Match & More scheme.
I don’t know what they’ll call it, because they’re not Matching anymore, and seem to be offering less.
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Lidl, Aberystwyth

Bethan and I have fallen behind on our reviewing recently (working away, illness, poverty, the usual)
Just as we were deciding where to review next, I mentioned some of the excellent food I’d had from Lidl’s Deluxe range.
She surprised me by saying she’d been there recently as well. She had expected it to be cheap, but hadn’t expected it to be such good quality.

So we set off for Lidl together to share their best bargains with you.

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