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Steak Night, Wetherspoons, Aberystwyth

In a slight change to procedure, this is a review of a meal I didn’t even have!

My husband Dafydd needed to have a “chat” with his friend Paul, who has been getting a bit too friendly with Bethan.
He needed to “have a word”, and thought the best way to do this would be over a well-priced piece of steak.

So the two of them went to Wetherspoon’s on a Tuesday night to take advantage of their “Steak Night” offer, and he’s currently shouting out his comments about the food, and a few choice remarks about Paul and Bethan, which I’m trying to untangle as I go along.

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The Abermule Inn, Abermule

Abermule InnWell, this is theĀ Aberfoodblog, so although we try to keep it in Aberystwyth, we thought we’d stretch the definition to Abermule near Newtown.
Monty’s brewery has been a great success, with a range of excellent beers, and now they have three pubs of their own.
The Abermule Inn is the newest, and they have teamed up with a local farmer who supplies Welsh Wagyu beef.
This Japanese breed is noted for the fine marbling of the meat, giving more flavour with less fat. They are traditionally fed beer too (hence the link with Monty’s).
So did Monty’s make our trip so far east worthwhile?

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