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Crimson Rhino, Vegetarian Cafe, Aberystwyth

Aberystwyth is lucky to have such a great vegetarian restaurant as The Treehouse, but they’ve had it their own way for too long.
A little competition is healthy, and with meat-free days big news now – even beefcake Arnold Schwarzenegger is doing it – Crimson Rhino couldn’t have opened at a better time.

So to celebrate an astonishing 32,000 reads of our blog in 2015 (thank you!), I grabbed lapsed veggie Bethan and finally went to review an eaterie for a change (I note the blog has become more about me drinking spirits at home lately)

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Number Four, Shrewsbury

Many people believe, very vocally, that Tesco and M&S coming to Aberystwyth will kill the town.
Independent traders won’t be able to compete, and we’ll be left with a wasteland of charity shops, chain stores and bookmakers.

So last weekend Bethan & I boarded the sometimes-hourly train to Shrewsbury.
This has a big M&S, and a Waitrose, plus a big out of town shopping centre – so it must be ruined already, surely?
We would probably starve to death, since I don’t eat MacDonald’s.

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