Beers At B&M

To say I was surprised by the interesting range of beers available at B&M in Aberystwyth would be an understatement.
I’d only popped in for a “A House Is Not A Home Without A Cat” sign.

Actually, that’s not true.
I might be tempted by a “Why do we have this ungrateful cat?” sign, or a “Don’t bring us any more mutilated mice back Kitty” one, but you know what I mean.
B&M does sell a lot of crap.

But it also sells a lot of good stuff at silly prices.

385g Thorntons Premium box for £3.99? With Bethan’s birthday coming up?
And their HDMI cables are very good value (up to 3m, all HDMI cables are the same. Don’t let Curry’s bully you.)
And their beers include a number of top bottles at rock-bottom prices.
B&M Beers 2That Oakham Citra was runner-up at the last CAMRA Bottled Beer of The Year  competition. It is £2.60 in Waitrose or Booths, but £1.79 in B&M.
And I wonder if the massive citrus & grapefruit taste is even stronger when it’s 90p cheaper.

The Marstons Owd Rodger is also 90p cheaper than elsewhere, and at 7.4%, not one to be knocking back all afternoon.
It’s thick, it’s tasty, it’s fruity, it’s the best thing Marstons do; it’s worth stocking up.

Boondoggle is quite reasonable at £1.39, and the beers from Sadler’s, all around £1.40,  are worth a punt.

The only problem is that you can’t guarantee what they have.
I go every few weeks, and there is no continuity.
Last time I went, no Owd Roger, and no Ctra, although they did have Oakham’s Green Devil, which is 1.3% stronger, and has even better reviews on (the excellent) Ratebeer.
B&M Beers 1Still plenty of interest there – I didn’t know Innis & Gunn did so much beer – but not quite as good as recent visits.

B&M has excellent beers, but you can’t rely on them to have the same thing twice.
I have learned this, and now stock up big on favourites.

The cider & wines are pretty poor, although there’s some interesting cava,

And even if you genuinely  think a house isn’t a home without a cat, for God’s sake don’t buy the sign.


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