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Aber Cafe 1The cafe at Aberystwyth’s Arts Centre has great views out over the Bay, a mouthwatering menu, and reasonable prices.
If it had some food it would be perfect.

Bethan and I have been going to the comedy nights that started in January..
Only £10 to see three acts  – whereas big names like Dylan Moran or Jimmy Carr want £25 – and we’ve really enjoyed them  (particularly Gary Delaney).

Our plan was for me to get the tickets, and Bethan would get a bottle of wine & our dinner.
Their Shiraz is excellent (and £10 before 7) but last month we were disappointed there was hardly any hot food left at 6.
They did manage to scrape some together, but this month we arrived at 6.15 and here was the hot food selection:
Cafe CounterIt’s certainly pretty clean – being devoid of any food – and the sign reassures us that if they had any food, it would be FairTrade.

Arts MenuThe menu was still up, so we could see what there wasn’t.
I dispute that the chicken tikka masala contained milk (or indeed, anthing), and wonder what the celery sulphites are in the beef casserole.
The addition of mustard to bacon carbonara wouldn’t have worried me, I can tell you.
I don’t mind a bit of vegetarian – it evens out the nightly flatulence battles with Dafydd – and amongst the options they didn’t have were a madras, a potato leek and cheese bake, and a four cheese ravioli.

Truly, if ever you’re looking to go to a cafe for anything other than hot food, the Arts Centre is the place to go. They have a wonderful range of things they don’t have.

They did have some sandwiches, but as Jeremy Clarkson will tell you, offering those to someone anticipating beef casserole will create a bad mood (I didn’t punch anyone, though I did make a passive-aggressive comment to a waiter).
Cafe PanoI’d recommend the food at the Arts Centre Cafe – just make sure you go for lunch.

** 23 April 2015 Update **
Taking our gentle ribbing very well, and demonstrating admirable customer response skills, the Arts Centre has made the following offer, which we are happy to publicise.

If you come to the arts centre on a Thursday at 6.15pm from now until the end of May, take a photo of the food counter and post on Facebook / Twitter / Instagram using ‪#‎Thursday615challenge‬ @aberystwytharts and if it looks like the image in the blog (ie an empty counter in the main cafe), you will win a Cinema ticket (2D films only), a free meal and a drink at the bar the next evening.
Of course we will take a photo too and tweet / post it.
And it doesn’t stop there!
We are going to give a June month’s pass to the cinema (2D films only) to the winner of the best picture.
You, the people, are the judges! The image that gets the most likes, shares, retweets by 11am Friday 29 May will be the winner. Over to you!
Food Challenge Page


Aberystwyth Arts Centre Cafe
Aberystwyth Arts Centre
01970 622868

 (which reads amusingly like Aberystwyth Farts)

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