Agnelli’s Italian Cafe & Deli

What’s this?
A European deli in Aber that offers home cooked food as well?
Should Ultra Comida be more worried about Agnelli’s than about La Taberna?

Agnelli'sFirst impressions are good.
A very nice Italian lady greets and seats us in the prized window seat.
There’s only a few small tables but the basement is nicely done and hardly makes you think of Josef Fritzl at all.

Most people seem to come here for the excellent coffee, but we decided to give their proper food a run and were jolly pleased we did.

The food took a while to arrive, but they make everything up freshly, and although you can see them working nearby, the café remains an oasis of calm.

There is an impressive range of paninis, but I can do a ham & cheese toastie myself.
They do a range of smaller and larger meals but I dived into their platters.
These offer various combinations of Italian cheese, meats and roasted veg (£6.30 small, £9.30 large) with veggie options & a three-person platter for £16.

Agnelli PlatterAs you can see, my Meat & Cheese has plenty of varied tasty pork product. Maybe less of the cheese, but it is top quality with a hunk of parmesan the highlight, plus smoky provolone.
The roasted veg included red peppers, a mushroom wrapped in courgette and aubergine.
The veg and olives were nicely balsamic’d and came with a side of honey. Honey – I know: get them!
If I had to complain, I’d say it came with too much bread that left me a bit heavy as I staggered out later.

Bethan’s (two) chicken skewers were smaller, but at £5.50 are great value. Generous chunks of chicken were soft and tasty with little pieces of veg in between.
Salad again excellent & served, as all meals should be, with garlic mayo.

175ml of interesting house wine is £3.70 and we were transported to Italian camping trips of our youth.

Agnelli'sEveryone goes on about their coffee so I won’t, but their very sweet, very crispy, very tasty little cakes partner them perfectly (and under a pound each – thank you!)
We had lemon, almond & Nutella ones. We could have had more, but I was starting to slip into a hyperglycaemic coma. The hostess was very apologetic about having run out of tiramisu, but assured us she was about to rustle up some more.

Agnelli’s is based in a slightly unprepossessing bit of Aber opposite the bookies and on a narrow, busy bit of road that stops you appreciating its charm.
I worry people are going to scurry past & not notice.
But this is where Ultra Comida started in Aber, and Agnelli’s deserves to succeed too.
They don’t have the biggest range of deli goods yet (though you can buy cured meats and various goodies such as fancy pasta, biscotti and coffee), but I suspect that will come.

Bethan and I did have an argument about whether they’re “better” than Ultra Com, and what does “better” mean anyway, before agreeing that they are a welcome alternative.
Surely two of us could manage that giant platter, couldn’t we? Would we win a T-shirt?

In a year’s time I think they’ll be in bigger, better premises charging more. Get in now while you can!

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