Aberystwyth Town Football Club

After a shaky start to the season, Aberystwyth Town have dragged themselves to mid-table obscurity in the Welsh Premier.
One league table they do head, however, is that for Cheapest Sunday lunch in Aber.
Lunch for Bethan & I, plus her two hungry grandsons, came in with change from a twenty. Two cokes plus an OJ-lemonade was £3. Anyone who can undercut Wetherspoons is worth a look.

“Hold on a minute!” I hear you shout. “Cheapest is rarely best, no matter what those idiots in Complulsary Competitive Tendering say!”
Fair point. If you select your Sunday dinners based solely on price then you will often pay for your foolishness.
But the Footie club has a nice business model.
Firstly, the staff are all volunteering to raise funds for the club, which makes them good people.
Secondly, the setting isn’t exactly fancy-pants. You are expected to set your own table, and if you arrive a little later, you’ll be cleaning yourself a table up too.
They’ve saved time and money on the ingredients where possible without affecting the quality. Both the roast potatoes & the Yorkshire puddings owe much to Aunt Bettie, but the quality of meat and homemade mash are excellent.
We arrived towards the end of the sitting and the turkey looked the best bet, but beef & lamb were available. In addition to the boiled, mashed & roasted spuds were carrots, peas and cabbage.
Once you’ve been served your meat you can have as much veg as you like, and we all liked a lot.  It’s not easy to keep your veg fine under the heat-ray lamps but there’s plenty of customers so the containers are topped up frequently.
Staff are friendly & helpful, and didn’t raise an eyebrow at my request for a jug of their finest tap-water.
Didn’t see any deserts beyond something-with-custard, but the grandsons were full to bursting, and I had a box of Morrisons Mini-Magnum knock-offs at home.
We’ve spent plenty of kitchen-years on dinnertime production lines and the football club has a good strategy. Sunday lunch is the meal out British people are most relaxed about, and getting punters through the door raises the profile of the club. If they can pick up a few wedding & birthday bashes, and make some money then all to the good.
I hear their breakfasts are excellent value too.
So. You’re not going to see a review of Aber Football Club in the Michelin Guide. You never see reviews of places like this.
But they keep families fed and watered, and make people’s lives easier when you need them.
The Ladies Who Lunch salute you all.

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