Aberystwyth Farmers’ Market


Not really a review in this post, but Bethan and I had a lovely trip round the Farmer’s Market and thought we’d share our photos.

The market is on every 1st and 3rd Saturday from 10-2. It’s a shame it’s not on every week as I can never remember when it’s on, but it was a nice surprise to see it today and we grabbed some great goodies.

First up, we grabbed some interesting Red Onion & Garlic bread from the smiley lady above. £2.50 feels a bit steep for a 400g loaf that tastes less of “Red Onion & Garlic” than billed but it’s a tasty loaf regardless.

Mkt_CheeseThen we went to see this chap and his fine cheeses.Mkt_Chilli

Giving out samples paid off as we had a jar of his homemade hot chilli sauce too.

This went very well with the bread we’d bought and was a big hit with the menfolk who’ve been adding it to everything.

Surprisingly, the only hot food available is from cheery gentleman selling wild boar.


His joints & sausages look great but it’s the sizzling stuff that has us queuing up.

A tasty burger with red onions (for a bit of sweetness) need a bit of sauce and in addition to ketchup he offers the inspired Mango dip. “A bit of sweet with your meat” he says.

The food at Aber farmers’ market is not cheap but it doesn’t feel ridiculously over-priced either. There’s an excellent range of meat, veg, condiments, booze and even craft items.

It does have a touch of the Incomer Hippy about it but they are good at starting their own small businesses. Bethan didn’t appreciate one of them flicking her long thick hair into her face without an apology, but at least her under-controlled children weren’t face-painted.

We like the market and would like to see it there every week so you can rely on producers being there.




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