AberYankee American Diner, Aberystwyth

Aberystwyth has an American Diner on the seafront!
I never knew!

It’s in the old shop on the corner by the old Police Station.
Yes, the one where they film “Hinterland” (not that I watched more than three of those – too depressing and slow and similar).*

I wonder what aspects of American cuisine they’ll have?
I hear it’s popular with the young people, so I grabbed my nephews, fired up the Chevy, and hit the road.

It doesn’t look like a diner from the outside, but inside it’s bright & airy. There’s a nice view –
02 Interior Diner Repplent Nephew– provided my bloody nephew isn’t pulling a stupid face.
Not a lot of places to sit, but we grabbed a good table at the back as the one diner-style booth was full.
01 Diner InternalAmerican food is a vast, complex affair, spanning many different regional styles and influences.
Not in American Diner, though, where you can have burger, burger, burger, burger, or you can fuck off elsewhere.

OK, OK, I exaggerate for comic effect.
They do breakfasts, there are salads, bagels, wraps and bagels. And hot dogs.
If you go in at lunchtime, wanting a big lunch, it’s pretty much burgers. There is plenty of burger-choice (there are ten of them) so that’s what we went for.

And it looked good.
03 All Food ArrivesI had the Boston Butt Burger (£10.85)
That’s their 6oz pattie with Monterey Jack cheese & a thick layer of BBQ Pulled Pork and fries.
03 Pulled Pork BurgerTheir burgers are very good.
Not superb, not the best ever, but very good. Better than your Wetherspoons and McDonalds and all that sorta thing. Freshly made on-site, I’d guess.
That cheese was the real deal, and that was a hell of a generous slab of BBQ Pulled Pork.
Have we reached “Peak Pulled Pork”?  Was it really cooked on a BBQ?
Well, I enjoyed it, and the bits I dropped in the chicks’ mouths went down well too.
Fries were excellent. They stayed hot plenty long, they were crispy with soft insides, they were just the thing.
Sesame-seeded  bun is a bit boring in these days of brioche becoming default, but it’s not the most important part.

Nephew #1 (is he Rhys or is that the other one?) took a huge bite of his Prime Time Burger (£10.55) and described it as “glorious”.
“I know I always say this is the best burger I’ve ever had, but this one really is”  was his verdict.
05 More Egg DramaBeef pattie & tasty cheese like mine, but with two big slices of bacon & a fried egg.
Nephew #1’s had been assembled to perfection, whereas in #2’s the yolk had leaked out onto the tray unattractively.
04 Bacon Egg BurgerThe bacon was crispy, and it was a big filling meal for hungry boys.
The trays are a bit weird, but they do make sense.

I was too mean to buy desserts.
I know all desserts are bought-in nowadays, but charging £1.75 for a Krispy Kreme doughnut is slightly rubbing it in your face. £4.50 for waffles is a bit of a laff too.

Food arrives neither slow nor quick, and the staff are friendly and efficient.
The staff aren’t American, though.
Imagine going to an Indian restaurant and being served by white folks – you’d be out of there like a shot, wouldn’t you?
Yet it’s OK with an American or Italian restaurant.

The ground floor room is lovely – look at this great counter to sit at and watch the walkers and waves.
06 Counter ViewThere are more tables in the basement, but it lacks the charming atmos of upstairs. Especially as the toilet opens right onto it and my nephews don’t close the door. And the chef seems to be frying the burgers right next to the tables.
Prices felt a little more ambitious than the food (£35 for 3x burgers & two bottles of Diet Coke) but it’s worth it if you get a good table.

If you fancy a good burger somewhere different, AberYankee is the place to go.
Not sure I feel the need to go back – BackYard BBQ does this sort of food much better (though for more money & no seaview).
But I can see why the young people like it and I hope it remains a success for years to come.

AberYankee American Diner
65 Marine Terrace,
Aberystwyth SY23 2BX

01970 358124


* Hinterland.
There’s a murder. Everyone thinks it’s Dai Eejit.
Moody Mathias isn’t so sure, someone tips him off to go to an old farm.
Although dead weird, probably in a forest, but it’s not them. They send him to spooky garage.
They’re weird, with big beards, check shirts and bodywarmers. But it’s not them. They tip him to go see the old kids’ home.
His boss warns him off. “You’re getting too involved with this one, Mathias. You don’t want to upset the powerful people in this town. I’m not a mason myself, but …”
Nothing at the kids’ home either – but wait, here’s Dai Eejit with an axe. It was him all the time!
I watched it in Welsh with English subs, initially. Interesting to see the Welsh Language industry’s fantasy of a wholly Welsh-speaking Wales.

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    1. I agree with you Pam – it’s childish, isn’t it? “Poo bum wee, look at me!”
      It’s there to provoke surprise – what is foul language doing in a food review? – but I think it comes across as just showing-off.
      Thank you for the feedback
      The Ladies.

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