Aberaeron Beer & Cider Festival

The Aberaeron Beer & Cider Festival has happened in early August since 2012.
It’s not the biggest beer festival in the world, but it’s one of the nicest.

01-Yacht ClubIt’s been held at the Yacht Club on the harbour in Aberaeron for the last four years.
The Yacht Club is nice inside
07 - Yacht Clubbut not really big enough for a Beer Festival, so there’s a marquee down the side
02a Tentwith a bar inside.
03-TheBar03-BeersThere’s as many ciders as beers, which makes a pleasant change, especially as Bethan prefers the apple drink.
It doesn’t have the biggest Festival range, but how many do you really need to try?
I went to the Manchester Beer Festival once, and got barely a quarter of the way round, whereas New Quay’s Seahorse had a beer festival with almost nothing.
Drinks are very well priced at £3 a pint & £1.50 the half, especially after our recent trip to London revealed that £5 a pint has become unacceptably acceptable.
I had the West Coast IPA (quite hoppy) and the Hop Dog (very hoppy) first, while Bethan had Sheppy’s Farmhouse.
We were very pleased with these, enjoying them looking at the sun-swept harbour.
04-HarbourMy next two were Dr Price’s Lemon Ale (surprisingly good) and a darker ale.
Here we hit a slight problem, as there weren’t any proper dark ales – no porters or stouts. Definitely no Oysters or Imperials.
I know it’s summer, but that doesn’t mean just light beers.
And my only other crit was the sign doesn’t have much info – one needs to know the Brewery too. “JPR” doesn’t tell me a lot.
Finally Rosie’s Black Bart was pleasingly appley, whilst being a bit weird.
We had a lovely time. There was music playing in the big tent
03-Tent Singerand there’s a seating area above too, where you get great views of the sea
05-Deckingand from where you can watch surprisingly glam ladies being chatted up.
02-TentThe food options aren’t extensive
06-Food Options(unless you really like chips) but then there’s The Hive, Cellar, Harbourmaster or countless other places to eat in Aberaeron.
See you there next August!

CAMRA Bae Ceredigion (RIP Rhys Jones)
Aberaeron Yacht Club
SA46 0DP


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