Roast Saddle of Venison with Blackberry Sauce – Recipe & Tips

After being given an interesting lesson in jointing a whole venison carcass (link), I had a saddle to roast.
You don’t need to do anything fancy with venison – just roast it & make a sympathetic sauce. “Tandoori venison” makes me squirm.

Here’s how I cooked my Venison Saddle with Blackberry Sauce.
It was closer to “medium” than “medium rare”, and though still excellent, next time I’ll go a bit less and use meat thermometer.
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Jointing and Cooking Venison

This week I was very pleased to see my favourite butcher announce they had new season venison in stock.
I scuttled along to make my order, and asked what cuts they had.
“Whatever you want” said Mr Rattray, and brought a whole venison carcass out of the van ready to joint.
“What do you fancy?”
So I got my camera out, and then did some research.

Venison is tasty, low-fat, and free range. You HAVE to shoot some every year to manage the population.
So here’s a quick overview of what to do with the three main venison sections, and how to joint a whole carcass if you’re lucky enough to have one.
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