A Review of “ProQ Frontier Elite” BBQ Smoker

Once it gets sunny, there’s only one thing we want to do – BBQ!

After being knocked out by the food at Aber’s Backyard BBQ and the Welsh Hang Fire ladies down south, last year we bought a BBQ that could also smoke.

It was a huge success, so we wanted to share what we learned.
Be warned, there’s a lot to be learned initially.
But if you like smoky meat and fish, it’s well worth it.
It’s the reason we hardly ever eat out anymore!

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Cambrian News – The Truth Won’t Ruin A Good Headline

The “Aberystwyth” edition of the Cambrian News had two really good stories on the front page of 21 April 2016.

One tells of how a customer in Starbucks was told to “Speak English Or Get Out”.  And look, there’s a beautiful “opera star” involved!
That story has everything, and yet there’s more!

The main story has the headline “Woman ‘Put Hand Down 15-Year Old’s Trousers'”
And there’s a picture of a pretty lady here too!

It’s hard to think how that front page could be bettered!
Only, maybe, by it not all being complete bollocks.

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Glengower Hotel, Aberystwyth

We were intrigued to see the Glengower win the 2016 CAMRA Ceredigion Pub Of The Year, so we popped in to give it a try.
As one of the very few pubs with a proper seaview in this seaside town, we had some decent beers and Nephew had a “that’s amazing”  Choc Fudge Cake and ice cream.
Look at his happy face – and who can blame him?!
23 Glengower DessertSo as soon as the weather perked up on Bank Holiday Monday, we headed over to check out their full menu.

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