Morrisons Match & More Proves Me Right

Morrisons Match & More card has caused a bit of argument in our house.
I disapprove of Loyalty Cards.
I am loyal to my family, to my friends and to the Welsh rugby team.
I am not loyal to the hedge funds and asset strippers who own our chain stores.
I cut up my Boots card after they moved their HQ to Switzerland to avoid paying the tax that pays for our schools and hospitals.

But Dafydd has been a vocal supporter of Morrisons Match & More cards, waving a £5 voucher under my nose every few weeks, and then loudly drinking the 4 bottles of booze it bought him across one long, tedious evening.

And I, like the big hypocrite I am, have borrowed his card to help him build up the points.

Fortunately, Morrisons have brought this to an end by “changing” the Match & More scheme.
I don’t know what they’ll call it, because they’re not Matching anymore, and seem to be offering less.
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