Number Four, Shrewsbury

Many people believe, very vocally, that Tesco and M&S coming to Aberystwyth will kill the town.
Independent traders won’t be able to compete, and we’ll be left with a wasteland of charity shops, chain stores and bookmakers.

So last weekend Bethan & I boarded the sometimes-hourly train to Shrewsbury.
This has a big M&S, and a Waitrose, plus a big out of town shopping centre – so it must be ruined already, surely?
We would probably starve to death, since I don’t eat MacDonald’s.

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The Hive, Aberaeron

Tired and emotional after a trip to Aberaeron’s Beer & Cider Festival, Bethan and I needed a good feed to get our keel even again.
We’ve had the honey ice cream at The Hive many times, and my friend Chelsea Alan raved about the food after eating there twice in a week.
So after I prised Bethan away from an over-enthusiastic solicitor at the festival (Wedding Ring Alert!), we approached The Hive via the scenic harbour.
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