How The Peach Tree, Shrewsbury, Handles Complaints

Since we haven’t reviewed many places in Aber recently, we weren’t going to review the Peach Tree in Shrewsbury, despite eating there.
It’s a lovely place, with excellent, well-priced food and friendly staff is an excellent building.
But we’re the ABER food blog, and we were having Sunday lunch (boring choice), and we were visiting our friends Paul and Sarah rather than focussing on the food.
And I only had my cameraphone.

Peach Tree BarBut then, there was a problem with the food!
A mistake had been made, and we (quiet, shy people) had to mention it to the staff!

I’ve heard people say “A Complaint is an Opportunity”, but I’ve never seen one handled as well as at The Peach Tree, and felt obliged to tell all.
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Lidl, Aberystwyth

Bethan and I have fallen behind on our reviewing recently (working away, illness, poverty, the usual)
Just as we were deciding where to review next, I mentioned some of the excellent food I’d had from Lidl’s Deluxe range.
She surprised me by saying she’d been there recently as well. She had expected it to be cheap, but hadn’t expected it to be such good quality.

So we set off for Lidl together to share their best bargains with you.

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