Pier Brasserie, Day Menu, Aberystwyth


PierBrasserieIt isn’t obvious when walking past, but Aberystwyth’s pier has a brasserie at the end of it. Even many locals don’t know it’s there.

But should you navigate your way into the building, follow an unpromising corridor and climb some steep stairs, you will come out into a bright, spacious room with fantastic views.

Interior Pier Brasserie

But can the food live up to the surroundings?

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Baravin, Aberystwyth


Baravin has proved a welcome addition to Aberystwyth.
This is largely because it isn’t too dogmatic about what it is.
Is it a wine bar (‘Bar a Vin’ is the French for wine bar), a restaurant, a cafe, a pizzeria or a cocktail bar?

It’s in a splendid position on the seafront, it’s owned by the people behind the excellent Harbourmaster in Aberaeron, and we’ve heard good things about it.
So Bethan & I didn’t need much of an excuse to see for ourselves.

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